Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Job

heck yeah right. this post will be about my first job. i don't consider my practical as my first job because it is not a job. the end. 
i started on Monday. Started looking for a job on the fourth day of Raya, my parents was so mad because they were like
why do you want to work so fast
daddy will ask someone to find a job for you la
i thought i will not go out on that day, but i did. aha! so i went to this mall in the middle of KL *wink* First was Jim Thompson, i filled up a form. Then Topshop. The man suggested me to go to Karen Millen because he said i look more exclusive watever that means and still new. i need a place where there's only a few customer since im..
went in and had my first walk-in interview. the chinese girl asked quite a few questions, i guess she likes me or the way i answer her question so she hired me. YAY! and that's just it. THE END.

at first, i really thought i need a job because my friend is working. everyone is working. i feel so left out
this is why i really REALLY need to start working. besides, i never work before. so why not start something common such as working in the retail line. after the very first day of working, that night, i literally tell myself
it was bloody tiring. i do not care if i do very well on the first day, in my sales but it was so tiring. my legs are super tired. everything is tired! then the next morning, i told myself
every job will be the same
don't quit
if they can do it why not you
all those thoughts coming in fast
so i work happily that day. i met my new colleague. the team is a girl team. LOL no boys. so it was a good start for that day. however, when the day almost over. i told myself
this is tiring
ok. don't slap me kayyyy :D i know i am a ________. fill the blank your own. ahah! but it is very tiring okay! maybe because i am not used to stand a very long time and REMEMBER i never work before. this is it
welcome to the working world
heck yeah it is tiring and boring and so mafan. i really thought i am going to quit. however... today, the person who has been saying this after my first day of working
"tu la, tak nak dengar cakap mummy"
ahahah.. that first night, everyone has to listen to Nagging Erika. my leg is tired. my leg is so lenguh. my leg that. my leg this. but this morning, mummy said
"don't quit la erika.cuba kerja dulu sebulan.first first memang sakit sebab tak biasa. after a time, ok la."
i am totally shocked! heck yeah! because my mum always ALWAYS against me when i want to work, so when she said that it really hit me. like wow! mummy just ask me to work! and besides that, i also tweeted 
when things get rough, i am running away. damn. i should stay
and Megat reply me by saying stay and fight. i am sure he knows what am i talking about so i have another person telling me to stay. he was the first to tell me that when i am in my conscious and able-to-think mode. hehe. really glad it hit me. and then to look like this most of the time
i decided to stay
for now
to find out how long
keep tracking me down

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RIP Munchkin

the only cat that i loved the most until today, died peacefully at the first level of my building. my mum let her out lastnight, hoping she would get better since she is sick. munchkin is our first cat, i repeat, OUR FIRST CAT as a pet. we saw her in Ipoh in front of our house, as dirty as a stray cat can be. however, my dad took her in and my mum groom her till she became one of the queen in the house besides my mum. we called her queen because she has this classy and ignorant look and also she cleans herself most of the time. she is also the fiercest among all cats. she is picky because i remember she dont like to eat the same food all the time, she will ask for a bread or wet food. 

i am very close to her because she listen to me very well. whenever i called her she will come. she is more into me than anyone else. my family always said
kucing erika
i remember there this one time, i was eighteen. i didnt apply for government universities and i got scolded by my dad. i cried while sitting on the sofa. munchkin was staring at me helplessly on the floor. i kinda talk to her that i am sad because dady scolded me and so on. then she jump up to my lap, make a turn probably trying to find the best position for her to sit on my lap, then she lay on my lap with her head on my lap. that is when i realized she understands me and its just so nice of her to come and comfort me.

i got the news right after i had my shower. i was in my towel where Amy Jie open my door and told me Munchkin is dead.
i wasnt surprise
i didnt burst in tears
i just ask where did u find her and how did she died, is there any bites on her. then i realized i was already in tears. i closed the door since i need to put on my clothes. it was sad. extremely sad. i cried so hard till my eyes were so puffy i have to put ice on them. i went to throw the garbage yesterday morning. my mum put her outside, in her cage, near the elevator of my building. while waiting for the elevator, i look at her. usually i dont dare to look at her because she is sick and its just painful to see her that way. i look at her and say
i love you munchkin but i cant do anything about it. may god bless you.
after that, the elevator door opened and i went in with little tears in my eyes. i think all this while, she is waiting for me. waiting for me to see her. waiting for me to say my goodbye to her. 
i cant believe this is actually happening. just recently someone asked 'what would u say to someone that already knew death is knocking at the door'. do you want to know what did i do. 
i do nothing at first
i dont dare to look at her
i seldom see her
i refused to accept the fact that she is going to die soon
when i know she will

Munchkin will always be my favorite, one and only cat that i've ever loved the most. i dont think i want to love anything that is alive. its painful when they are gone. this is bullshit. dont listen to me, im sad so what i wrote is irrelevant. Mummy told me, a cat who loves the owner will not die in the house or in front of you. 
she did
i will always love you Munchkin
rest in peace

"all munchkins will die. some have 9 lives, pray yours will return"
u know what. i dont want to pray there will be another Munchkin because in the end, she is going to leave me or i am going to leave her, either one. that is like repeating the same hurtful feelings again and again. i dont want to be hurt like this anymore and im not going to let her feel like this. 

one of the kind and unique. she has a very short tail, cute eyes. i love how she walks, different than others. she sleeps like me, cuddle up like a baby. somehow, mariah carey - one sweet day is on my mind now :) 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lonely Raya

This year raya would be the weirdest because we went to Melaka on the first day of Raya. We visited my mum's sisters, had glorious melaka food. We dont usually go to Melaka, that is why it is quite a weird Raya. This is due, my dad has no soldiers under him. He no longer the chief officer of a batallion! Ahaha usually his soldiers will come to our house with their families and i just realized our open house every year would be the first day of raya. This year was on the second Raya. Weird weird weird.
I didnt know that most of the people are not available on the first and second of Raya. Well, the first day they might visit the father side while the next day the mother side. So yeah, i havent been so thoughtful. heh.

Mirjam came with 3 GMI students, all guys and they are sabahan. She brought me something from Germany! Woohoo! An eye shadow set
it looks the same as above only that i have the baby blue and brown color
Organic Eyeshadow
Niceeee isnt it! Aha! 

Johan also came all the way from Shah Alam. Its great to catch with them. I watched the expandables 2 with mirjam and the three guys, which i forgot their names.
Hold on
Danial, Jessel and and Jonathan!
Hah i remembered

What would you say to someone who knows he is dying soon? I mean, lets make a situation. A friend called you and say another friend of yours is dying. He can die tomorrow or next 2weeks. And you can only make a call. You cant meet him due to a certain reason. And as always, a call will end with a goodbye, and that goodbye might be the last word from you to the person. 
What should we say?
Obviously not get well soon or everything is going to be alright. I think i would start by asking him how is he doing and update him what is happening in our life right now. Pretend it is a normal call where you just have to update someone with your life. Then only i would talk about moment i had with the person. 
Good moments
Great memories
Happy memoirs
But if you have a chance to not tell the person, that he is dying soon. Will you do it? Im totally doing it. It depends actually. I rather not know that i am dying than to know that i can die anytime soon. If i know that i am dying soon, i dont think i would enjoy life since i know it is coming to an end. Because everyone is afraid of death. Well, I do. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm Coming Home

I hear 'the tears of a clown', i hate that song
this is tweeted by ms safrina. I didnt know the whole meaning of the tweet so this is what i have replied 
What song has a clown in it la. Hehe

Then she bbm me all of the sudden saying its pdiddy. Im coming home. For raya season. Hits keep playing it. Listen to it. Yada yada yada.. Seriously, at that moment i have no idea why she told me all this. Until she called and explain everything in detail. Ahaha! 

It is such a beautiful song full of methapors. Brilliant analogy. Its a song about reconciliation since his friend died and that has changed his life. All he want is forgiveness for being such a horrible person to his 'kingdom' which means his loved ones or friends and family. However he was forgiven, that is why he is ready to come home. This song would remind him how much he regretted what he had done or his past. Lets say being a celebrity makes you forget the world and egoistic or in a simple word, a*holes. So he has not been a good father to his child which he inserted in his song; 
what if the twins ask why i aint marry their mum. What if my son stares with a face like my own
However, he will repay back all his wrongdoings because he stated 'i aint finished growing' And also he told the twins 'i'll be better in the morn'. He admit he was the 'clown'
the tears of a clown . I hate that song
He hated the song because The clown resembles him. Imagine, p diddy being called as a clown. He dated most of the beautiful women in the world; jlo, cameron diaz, sienna miller, naomi campbell. Im sure his ego is smeared to call himself a clown. And the last verse where he said 
Lost my dog (i miss u big)
The dog probably coincides Biggie, a friend of his. Because what is a man bestfriend? A dog. Exactly. So i think what is he trying to say is he has lost his friend, his defender, his partner which forever faithful to him and true, till the last beat of his heart. and that has made him the person he is right now; a better man.

that is diddy with his family

This would not be here in my blog if ms safrina didnt tell me the whole 'im coming home' story. So apart of this whole-thing is from her. *lets give her an applause hehe* I just thought i need to update my blog, so this would be interesting. Since raya is around the corner, is playing this song over and over again. Students kept posting this song on FB and all they know is 'coming home' or in other words 'balik kampung' ahaha. Nice nice. I would think the same. But i dont give a damn much of the meaning of the song until today. So she was saying this song should get an award because the lyrics is beautifully written, the song is just classically cool lah. Ahaha. 

also, she said the saddest thing happened today is one of her student said people keep reminding her 
It must be sad for not having your family around during raya
My heart skipped a beat. I mean i did some sort of reminding someone how sad would it be to not be with her family during raya. So this is really an eye-opening. There is no need for this
Its too bad ur parents not around
It would be better if ur parents are around
And anything else that may sound the same
I would like to apologise to those who got hurt when i tweeted 'that', and thank u ms safrina, as always, u open up my eyes beyond boundaries. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

EQ in Remaja

it took me a while to accept the fact that i am actually in a malay magazine called Remaja which means Teenagers in english *thank u megat*. aha! at first i wasnt too proud of it mainly because it is in Malay. yeah, u can bloodyshoot me! but i was so stupid to not appreciate things like that. that is why i write this, to remind myself not to be pompous and cocky

i got the whole page by myself *grateful*

i never thought myself to be in a magazine. on top of that, to inspire the readers of Remaja is just more than i could ever imagine. i was chosen because my academics and curriculum are excellent. besides promoting GMI, they also want to highlight girls power. Gender does not stop for u to chase ur dreams or even perform well in a male dominated course, which in my case is engineering.

the reporter asked so many questions, i would like to share to u some of the questions and answers that i think are quite interesting. hehehe

do u mind to share ur tips to success?
"Get Inspired" Inspiration is powerful because it comes with love. love can always make us do something absurb but phenomenal. then do not be selfish, share your knowledge. lastly, believe. yes. just like Justin Bieber said. ahah! have faith in yourself and believe that u can achieve ur goals.

who is ur idol and inspired u to success?

my parents because i always knew they wanted me to be a bright student and always depend on me to make them proud. they are everything to me, so i am willing to do anything just to make them happy. the least i can do is to do well in my studies and make them proud. 

what are the activities u do with ur friends during ur free time?

oh my god, right after the external presentation, i've been going out , having the time of my life. i hangout with ms safrina a lot. so we usually hangout at any cafe and chat. all we do is talking. we are cool people with full of crap stories. AHA!

between curriculum and academic, which is important? why?

i think it would be curriculum because for me, in GMI, when u improve ur interpersonal skills, it will eventually improve ur academics. this is due, GMI is more to hands on in its studies. therefore, i think entering a club will definitely help in improving the students soft skills. this will aid the students to get good marks in their academics because most of the syllabus in GMI is presentation orientate, which somehow requires good soft skills to score A in most of the subjects.

what is ur advice to the youth out there who wanted to study the same course as u?

my advice would be never stop learning or obtaining knowledge. to succeed in GMI is easy, all u need is effort and passion in everything u do. dont give up because some of the subject are just too challenging. hence more research need to be done. read many journals because what is in the handbook or classes is never enough. besides, process control is a rare course but has a high value in the industry especially something related to industry such as industrial engineering. this was told by a professor in UPM when i interviewed him for my final year project. 

ok, enough of the question and answer session. AHAH! for your information, all questions were asked in malay, i translated it because all my answers in English. i almost answered wrongly because i was confused with the word 'pengajian'. i thought i was supposed to write about my institute but it turn out to be about my course. luckily i doubt myself and ask my sister what is the meaning of pengajian. and my English and Bahasa are not excellent, sorry for that.

thank you GMI