Thursday, June 21, 2012

Diploma Ends

i just did my final external verification for my final year project last tuesday. This is where we have to present our final year project which is the Desalination Machine to the panel from the industry people. i have the second panel which consist of Dr Mat Rasol Awang from Malaysian Institute of Nuclear Research & Technology, Mr Woon Pak Lin and Mr Noel Jayakumar from Yokogawa.

this is what i invented; a machine that converts seawater into mineral water via the distillation method. we used double jacketed tank for the process of distillation. steam is used to heat the tank and condenser to condensate the vapour. then we used concentrated mineral drops to change the distilled water into mineral water. we even sent our mineral water produced to USM to check if its drinkable and to get the datasheet for the minerals content in our product.

as i expected, i learned a lot when im in GMI and someone was asking 'what i remember the most when 3 years in GMI'
i answered some crappy answer la
however, i think i havent think of the best moment yet or having that one strong value that i will appreciate and treasure it in life because it just ended. the 3 years journey just ended and so many things happened all the way and i cant think of the best moment. or im just clueless as usual.

i would probably remember doing the laundry every 2 days. i think im the only one who did laundry for 2days because i dont send my dirty clothes to the laundry shop. so yeah, im the type where i cant see my laundry basket is half full. AHAHAH
entering ELC changes me a lot. i get to know awesome people, like uberly cool people. this is also the place where i learned many interpersonal skills and functional skills. i learned how to organize an event, be a leader, be professional in a way that people know u so u gotta behave and so on. AHA!
we have to go through all the hardship before we meet the ultimate goal
i've been through many;sobs and sniffles LOL when i work in ELC but that was actually the messages.
the messages
where u will eventually learn something out of it
it was all 'wounds' at first but after a while it will change into wisdom
i love the fact that i'v been a better person after i enter ELC and im lucky to get to know the people in ELC because they are just a bunch of enthusiastic people where u'll learn something from them in many aspect of life.
fyi, the ELC logo was invented by me, erika quah.thank u ahahah