Sunday, May 20, 2012

GMI Goes Green Today

GMI finally go green today! Matthias Gelber gave a talk on HIJAU stuff this morning. he did asked many great question like
do u monitor your electrical consumption power?
what have u done something green today?
there were many questions but as always, i only remember a few. for me to monitor the power consumption of every device is cool
because u get to know the power usage.i should get one of those power monitoring plug. and i do actually practice going green but its not that big. only keeping the tap close while brushing my teeth. heh. im interested in implementing the recycling system by the Green Guy in Malaysia, here in every block of the hostel. Due to the exposure of the importance of going green, i have switched off all the lights in my room now bcz my roomies are not around. thank you GMI!
mufidah and eija
after lunch, i tried to have my nap but i cant. so end up, took my ass off from the bed and went to the fyp room.  im so afraid our machine will not going to operate. hmph..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diary of Erika

I was listening to this song; Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin. Its an old song, i do remember when i was in sarawak, i love this song to the max.
A sweetheart bought me VS lip gloss! *screams* hamagad... I even have a mini VS bag that comes with it *excited* Thank you so so much for the gift. I love it! N it taste so bloody sweet! Once i put it on, im like. This is sweet! Sweet, sweet as in sugar?
Who needs kisses?? LOL
I went to the FYP room in the morning. I helped syazwan with the piping by putting the white tape at the pipe's thread. Accident happened. I cut my finger with a scissor. It bleed and i got freak out
So i started to walk around asking for tissue
Tragically, no one owns a tissue --' so i bbm Megat. LOL. I think that is the stupidiest action ever. I was so afraid to wash on running water because i scared it might hurts so bad. But in the end, i managed to suck it up!! I washed the cut on running water. Heh.
It doesnt hurt that bad
So, latest song-diction is John Legend-Tonight. Ok, the lyrics is just so lewd and dirty. I didnt fall for the words, but the beat. Heh. Whatever that means.
Updating blog using Ipad is weakening my creativity to post pictures and color a bit of the important words. *sigh*
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Friday, May 11, 2012


have u face rejection before?
have u been socially rejected before?
have someone rejected ur love before?
what is rejection anyway? aha.. it is the opposite meaning of acceptance. and of course it is painful indeed. 
very very hurtful
being rejected is always a possibility. however, what i learned is that being rejected doesnt mean that u were not liked. it means that things didnt work out.

it is emotionally painful because, as we all know that it is human nature to be accepted by everyone. to be loved. to have the sense of belongingness. this is just a part of your life. it is inevitable hence dont be too sad about it or afraid of it. 
most importantly, whenever u are sober or depressed or in despair.. always remember that its going to be over soon. it takes time. believe that u are going to get through this someday. and its not the end of the world. the world always unfair to everyone. therefore, to kill urself for that bullcrap reason is just irrelevant and foolish.

i have to say i did faced this before. it was dreadful. i cried everytime i think about it. i cried everytime i see pictures of us. 
but no worries, i cry a lot! AHA! but whats for sure is
it is worst than a break up.probably because my previous break up, i rejected him. ok. whatever it is, it is worst than that. LOL

and it does hurt me to see all ur pictures without me in it but i learned to accept it. i have to because this is totally going on for the rest of my life. i dont want to be bitter for the rest of my life. i want to live my life happily and joyfully

im not writing this to tell the whole world how mean u all are but u guys werent mean. u all do care about me after all. like someone said
it is just not the right time and it totally didnt work out for me as well
i write this because i think it is a good topic; rejection. since it happened to me, i would like to help people handling it.

and to know that someone is also having a hard time going through what im going through right now does lessen the pain. i thought im the only one that is in agony. lastly
im sorry to have caused u guys any trouble
i still love u guys XOXO