Saturday, February 11, 2012

1st Post for 2012

its been freaking long... IKR = i know righttttt.. ahahha. besides me being a final year student, i also have problems to go online on my computer because i dont have my broadband. so i was depending on my ipad to go online. n to make a post in my blog using touchscreen is just too much for me.

so.. whats new about me this year. 2012. hmmm. first of all. im single and ready to mingle. LOL. and my parents gave me a blackberry for my birthday. YAY! 
*clap clap*
why does all of the sudden this post exist in the worldwideweb? well. its because i have my broadband back n right now im using my lappytop to go online. WOOHOO!!

my parents has moved on to kL so it was fun because its near to me. but still i didnt get to go back home every weekend because i have my final year project. 

so this will be the first post for 2012? sweet! im suck in keeping update on my blog. however u can always track me down on my twitter or facebook. aha!

i wish u all the best of 2012