Sunday, December 30, 2012

CBTL Barista

that is my part time job. you probably think im demented for having 2 jobs. ahahaha! i thought the same too. i've been looking for a part time since i got my current job right now because i dont really enjoy myself at work with sitting in front of the computer and handle documents or sometimes just sit and doing nothing. hence i thought of doing a part time at a retail company because i've worked in Karen Millen Pavillion. however, there is one CBTL near to my work place and i thought of giving it at try to apply. the girl asked me to fill in the form and interview me straightaway and the next thing i know is
i am hired
it was a quick one
my first day was great. it went well. it was last thursday where i go straight after work, bestie was there to send me at my place and to buy something sweet. i have learnt to make the ice blended, but i still got confused. i think i will be able to master it all after a month without asking and confirming the ingredients. 

besides, i could really use some money. seriously. when is money going to get enough. ahahah! especially when i have my own car and paying for it every month. having less money is like having less time with your friends. 

maisha asked me to call her ASAP last night. that message somehow gave me a scare because she never been an avid person before
i called this morning while having my carwash
she told me a story that made her weep last night after she stalked someone in facebook
firstly,you should be happy because the person who is 'replacing' my place is a total .......
 this post shall be rated as G for general audiences
seriously honey, dont weep. you should be happy for me because.. first, you got me all by yourself now.
ahaahaha. i sound like a lesbian partner huh? :P secondly, you know me. you know my position. you know it because we talked about it at La Risata. LOL
and that is my favorite drink. pure vanilla. ahahha! i never know CBTL have regular customer. i always thought that only retail have these type of customer. well, my CBTL outlet sure have lots of regular customer. i know a guy who will always come every night to have his espresso. there is also a group of ladies at their 30s. a chinese couple (maybe) which the guy i found eyeing me before i work there. ahaha. so far i enjoy meeting or seeing these people because that is my passion. that is what i like to do 
meeting new people
i can conclude that i will end up trying lots of job due to my passion. hehehe. we will see. i would love to try to work with kids far as i know, i get easily annoyed with noisy kids. especially if they are crying. gezz.. i dont know if i can handle that. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What is your Love for?

i only blog when i have this ideas flowing in me. so today's topic will be a little bit about love. AGAIN. ahahahha. i was just wondering
have you ever felt that you've been loved for your money
honestly, i am a type of person who doesnt mind to pay if im eating with my friends. its not that i have so much money of something. i am not that rich but i just spend when i have money. so, at some point, you just feel like, people 'love' you or 'like' you just because you are nice,funny and and frank at times. or its just because you like to do the paying.
shouldnt i be not bothered?
because i just said i dont mind
i just feel like i've been loved for the wrong reason
not because i dont like my friends digging my money or something
maybe i've been asking for love by using my money. and that is why people love me for my money, and not for me. this is kinda sad but at least i know i've made a mistake and i should have my new year resolution. 

someone i've been seeing just told me he is seeing somebody else. hence he hope that nothing is going to change or anything. well, let me tell you this. lets not make me hurt you okay.. since we both know, i am going to end up hurting you or leaving you.
i'll be doing the leaving
i am sad but isnt it going to be sadder if i hurt you? 
that is what i thought
to jump in a relationship takes more than just feels right at the moment. you have to foresee if you are able to commit, able to sacrifice, able to take care of the person. tbh, i am not the type where i dont really care about what i feels
i do really care about feelings and emotions
if not,i' already have so many ex'es. for me, feelings is the most fragile thing in the world. its so easy to appear. and one cut feels like a thousand cut. i am selfish in the sense of, you love me but i dont feel the same because i can see myself hurting you in the end. 

and this is another story, its just weird someone can play with feelings so easily. its like, you have been holding on with someone just because you love the person's money or the person benefits you in many ways. you might say, you are not playing with his feelings because of some reasons, but arent you playing with yours? 

there are just so many stories in one post. i hope you get confused and yeah. forget all this crap? ahahahah

Saturday, December 8, 2012


It was a pleasant dream where you come and visit us. Is this how it feels to miss someone? I guess so. Such a nice friend where we are accustomed to your presence and all of the sudden you have to leave. hence i am dedicating this post to you :)
and i know you going somewhere to make a better life
i hope that you find it on the first try
and eventhough it kills me
that you have to go
i know it'll be sadder
if you never hit the road
so farewell!
somebody is gonna miss you
somebody is gonna wish that you were here
that somebody is..

Monday, December 3, 2012

I Choose to be Happy

somehow i've been repeating that sentence over and over again. everyday. in my head. im referring to my title. what does it really means when i said that?
i choose to be happy
well, maybe because i love DIAMONDS song so much but it is also about something that i've decided to do right now. im going to do anything that makes me happy and im not going to hold back due to any type of reasons. it can be any happiness and it can be any type of reasons. 
so yeah
we only live once
enjoy it while you can

i have relationship issues to share. well, totally not mine since i am NOT in any relationship. *coff cough* a friend of my friend, she is so into this guy but she didnt get any feedback from this fella. this is definitely pissing me off because 
we are not talking about white guys. no offence, because as far as i know, white guys reaction is kind of slow. teehee! OK! back to the story. he is a malaysian. if he doesnt reply most of your messages. again. dont waste your time honey. go date other guys. if you think he likes you and still want him to make a move, trust me, date other guys. this is just to know if he really likes you or not by looking at his reaction when you go on a date with other guys. 
if he is still not responding
the number you have dialled is not in service
i just want to say, you dont deserve to be treated like that. a nice girl like you dont deserve guys that dont care much when you care so much about him. 
yeah.falling for the wrong guy

christmas is coming soon. i hope there will be a reunion of the Quah's family except for Aunty V's family since they are living in Paris now. awwwww.. i miss the moment when daddy and uncle JB had the best turkey competition. we do miss you aunty vivien, uncle JB, anais and tea. hope you guys doing well there. we are keeping track on your beautifully-written-blog

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Worst Wound Dressing

im sure everyone been wanting to know if i get to study in UK or not or when am i going to continue my study
let me breathe
if there is nothing wrong with my application this year,i will be going off to UK next year for the September intake. so stop wondering am i or am i not going to continue my study.
if it doesnt work out as planned,then i might just go to taylor lakeside to do my degree. okk? :D
i was supposed to write my personal statement now but end up here and post this. hmph. i'v started writing it, just that i need to continue writing. i hope i can finish it by tonight. probably ask my bestie to check it because im sure there will be grammar mistake or spelling mistake. 

this post is going to be plain-boring. i thought i might get my car today,it looks like they are not going to release it yet and only god knows why. AHA! im so going to visit bestie frequently once i have my car. ahaha! and bothers her more after that.

i fell on my knees yesterday. it hurts so badly. its been a while since i hurt myself but im used to it since i played netball back in highschool. it wouldnt be a sport if u never get hurt. so, someone bandage my knee with this cotton gauze swab. i would suggest you, not to use this as a wound dressing because when u remove it, it hurts like hell
no kid
i removed it last night and was cursing alone in my room repeatedly because the pain is madness. it even made my knee bleed again. luckily i was alone in the room if not i am sure you going to be surprised with the way i curse. 
its ugly
uh uh
see that cotton gauze swab.thats the worst wound dressing everrr AHA
my knees

Monday, November 5, 2012

The 18th GMI Convocation

praise the god
praise the god
praise the god
i am so grateful that the 18th GMI convocation went well. well done to whoever preparing the ceremony. it was awesome since they have this live band from no-where perform during the entire ceremony.

it was such an honour to receive the Best Student Award for the IE Department. i am truly speechless and happy because it is always my dream to get an award from GMI. however, i always been chasing this award for my parents. i just thought getting this would surely make my parents proud and happy. and i have to say this again, even though i might have said it in my previous post or anywhere.
without her, i wouldnt be where i am right now
and i kid not
this is true
im not trying to sell her out or anything, just its something i have to tell everyone that if it wouldn't be her saving me when i was on the ground, i wont get what i have achieved now in GMI
trust me
i know
im sure everyone knws who is the her im referring to in this post ;)

so! how do i feel when i got the award. well, GREAT! but. i know, from now on, i am a role model to all my juniors. everyone wants to be successful like me. im flattered. to know that someone actually said
i want to be like erika
i want to be successful like you
you inspire me 
is just speechless
you can always be successful like me but u dont want to be me as in me,erika. i talk crap a lot and i tweet a lot and sometimes i sleep a lot. and im a forgetful person. sometimes irritating. LOL i should stop now. AHA!

i would definitely share the tips for becoming successful like me in GMI. firstly *drum rolls*
never ever mess with the wrong person in GMI
ok.scratch that
have ur goals set in your mind
stay focus on it
and believe in it
i think most students don't set goals when they enter college. they dont know what they are supposed to achieve once they are done with the 3 years of studying. next is distractions are everywhere. of course, we as a human, will be distracted by any sort of distractions. however, make sure you are back on track and stay focus once you are off the track. 
somehow someone managed to get me back on track
thank you very much

how am i going to spend the money? of course im going to get my own car. its so hard to move around without a car. ahahah! influenced by someone that i am now a kaki-jalan person, which means i like outings. cant seem to stay indoor for too long. aahaha

congratulations again to all GMI graduates. we made it! all the best for your future undertakings. always believe in god, since HE always listen to our prayers. stay focus,dont get off the track for too long. and set goals. as they said
hidup ini kena ada matlamat

 proud daddy and mummy :*
 i made it!
 we in our penguin suit ;D
somehow i like the grey largh. lalalalalala
 my friends since first year *love u both*
my supportive sister

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Skyline, Not the Car

i've been going out so many times lately since someone love to bring me out *coff cough* ahahah! i think, we humans, always seek for entertainments. im not blaming anyone, just that we tend to forget the world when we are out and have fun

me, johan and jeff went for the timeout live KL last wednesday at stage kl. ok, i dont really enjoy the performances because everytime a new band comes on stage, they will spend minutes of preparation for their instruments which somehow kills my mood little by little. we didnt watch the whole the performance because at one point, there is this one group took so long to prepare their stuff and we just walked off and head to HardRock
i love the first performance. forgot the name of the band. and we all love Darren Ashley. i hope i spell his name correctly. his genre of music, is sure to be liked the most by the audiences because he is a deejay. and most of the band, is somehow like indie band or underground band. it was ok, but just that one particular moment when my mood is

the performances in Hard Rock KL is the best! well, its HRC anyway. its the SKYLINE who performed on that night. i heard they are going to perform till december or november. cant remember. but their choices of songs are the best.
from buble to rihanna to maroon5
the three of us enjoyed most of the songs. they are gooddd.. and the girl sing my favourite song which is diamonds from rihanna! that is like the latest song! and im a very big fan of rihanna. this makes me like them more. aha!
check them out at HRC KL because i am sure its going to be worth it!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Apparently someone went berserk and give me ideas to write this post. have you ever wonder many things till you give up to think of the "wonder" and start blaming that the world is always ALWAYS against you?
why do people do this to me?
why do i have to face this?
why there are so many WHY in this world?
i think in this type of situation, one must start thinking about oneself instead of other people or the things around them. i mean why do u have to question other people when the one that should be question is you and not anyone else.

there are always reasons behind every thing that happen to us in this world. its just a matter of we knowing it or not. as usual, we always go for the things around us and seldom ask ourselves what had we done until these things happen. of course i admit we always go like that because we are human and we wont go looking for our mistake first. however if this doesnt happen AT ALL, then it will be a problem lah. ahaha! so, always remember to ask what had u done instead of why do ppl do this or that.

"someone makes me think if i am selfish for putting one particular picture as my display picture in my facebook. i mean, im sorry if im being selfish or anything. i just like the picture. i dont intend for ppl to make fun of her or anything, that doesnt come across my mind at all. i dont really know how to react towards this actually. idk. idk."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love is Powerful

i dont intend to write about love in this post but i guess i will insert a little bit about it here. i just want to write about a person who i cared so much but now the feelings are depleting due to some reasons. i have made myself many distraction such as making new friends, having fun and so on. this is only to distract myself from the person because i know i cared too much about the person.

sometimes we did our best to help our trouble friends, change them for the better. some may accept the fact that we are only helping them to be better, some may not see it that way. hence, when the situation got worst and the other party is not making the situation any better, this is the time where i see i should back off
previously, i keep telling myself that everyone needs 
someone to care about them
to be by their side during the hard times
i guess that does not comply to everyone. it depends on the person itself, whether they want to be helped or not. i always have this perception in my mind that, no one deserve to be ignored or treated badly. which is true. just that, in this case. its complicated.

im writing this, not to tell that i have a trouble friend or anything. its just something that i want to share about how i felt when this things happened. i chose to stop cared about u because putting all the effort to it is just not worth it when you are not helping yourself out. this is where i realized that you chose not to help yourself. 

one thing for sure that i learned from this situation is to love yourself. how do you even know you are loving yourself? easy peasy. 
you respect yourself
you feel you are worthy 
and deserve any type of love from others
when you started to love yourself, you will make sure that you are going to lead a fulfilled life. this will automatically attracts positive energy and here comes The Secret. hehehe. those who reads The Secret would know what am i talking about.

besides that, learn to let go. do not let the past define who you are now. care what you have learned, how you have changed and grown from the past.
forgive yourself
and always feel good about yourself. feel great and fabulous always. in that way, it will increase your self esteem and you will eventually starting to take good care of yourself.

"forgive me for my imperfections. i hope to be a better friend rather than just retreating from the war you are in right now. i know you have followed the wrong strategy and will be defeated at the end. therefore, i am not joining the force"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Iphone or Samsung?

this is the question that people will keep asking themselves. talking about gadget, how many we should have to keep up with latest technology or the trend or even the world. so that you would not feel left out or u would not feel you are not in this world
my opinion on getting your hands on these two items will be in this post

The iphone. people are not calling it just an iphone. they called it THE iphone. its like saying anything in superlative expressions; THE best. THE coolest. LOL. i sound one sided from the beginning! im sorry. back to the whole thing! besides all that, apple devices are well known for their classyness gedikness and vanity and celebrity style or even an high end gadget. 
we are living in a celebrity-obsessed world
take note
what am i trying to say is, if you are looking for a phone that has a wow factor more than samsung, then Iphone would be the best choice. its also for those who are into branded stuff.

i have to add one more thing about using an iDevice. this is not only because of the brand and all those that i have stated up there. this is also about the feelings that you get when you use the apple products. for me, it makes me feel special when i used them. this gives me more confident and raises my self esteem! i know it may sound nonsense bullshit but i think this is quite true. give it a try and tell me how you feel.. because look it at this angle, the wow factor is always ALWAYS at the apple side. when using their products, its like having a gucci or a louis vuitton or even the prada! 
its like a gucci with an interactive screen that able to make calls,text and go online

next is THE samsung. samsung also have the THE. because im trying not to sound  one sided but this helps a bit right? ahahah. Samsung is well known for their bombastic features that makes people think its always better to choose this over the iphone. which is quite true,but only for those who are into the specifications of the phone and not the branding and vanity and so on. i have to agree that Samsung features are much more better than the iphone. they have this AMOLED screen that makes the images look super real till you would not believe your eyes and tell me that your eyes is betraying yourself hahaha and its thin and have this HUGE screen. all the wa wa woom factor for the features! again, this would be a better choice if you are a person who is into the features or specifications. 

however, i have to tell that i am in the apple team #TeamApple hehe because i love the feelings that i get when i used them. this is much more to the feelings than the vanity and so on. it does makes me feel a little bit cooler and the touch screen is the best value so far. i tried the keyboard for Samsung and my typing is not that smooth. i don't know about that or maybe my fingers are not smooth at that moment. LOL. so yeah, apple keyboard is the BOMB! i can type super fast from my ipad which makes the replying emails job much more easier. sometimes i blog using my ipad too, just that its hard to edit the font color and the font size. 

so am i answering the common question that people keep asking here and there? if you still having problems making decision, then just buy both. or u can never go wrong for the iphone.
sorry. i can't help it. 
okay my confidence and my self esteem need to be raised up, hence looking the picture in weheartit apps from my ipad is what i need now ;)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Second Job

obviously this post will be about my second job. its a little bit sad because i can only wear this tag for like a week.. such a pity. maybe next life 
back to the topic! i am so lucky and grateful to get a job because i thought people would not be interested to hire me since, well
i am female
i look like i am useless AHA
lembik or in order word, i look weak
i am continuing my study next year
who on earth want to hire me as an engineer for about a year or less than a year?! so this is just remarkable and overwhelming. grateful to the max! i thought the company will not be interested after i told them i would not be long if they hire me. thank you for giving me a chance to work with you and trusting me and believing in me as i will benefit the company. 
thank you thank you
i am a project engineer in an oil and gas company near Ampang. at first i thought i will be a procurement engineer, so this post is unexpected. i will be dealing with all the oil and gas companies, involves a lot of documentation, excel files, lots of 3D ring files.. even now my table is full of files and paper. however its been fun so far. and yes, i have my own desk and pc :') starting next week, i have to take my coffee every morning to prevent my eyes from betraying me by shutting itself down. and i need a plant on my desk since i get strained eyes after too long of staring at the pc. i thought i would not get the opportunity to be an engineer till next year, but somehow God has early plans for me and i am thankful for that. 

someone ask me why do i wanted to further my study in UK so badly? so i told the person, this is my dream. my dream is to do my degree in UK and i want to make sure i achieve it. it is also to keep telling me that dreams are meant to be chase and achieved.
frankly speaking, how many of your dreams come true anyway? hence dreams can be anything but it depends on u to make it ur dream or not.
once it is a dream, it has to be achieved or marked or ticked
dreams is something that you believe in yourself that you can achieve something or get something or feel something. therefore for me, whatever your dream is, make sure it is relevant because you don't want to end up not able to achieve it. i am sure it would not come with a good feelings. besides, i do believe that there is something to it, the feelings that you will get once you make your dreams come true, i think that would be priceless and the whole point of dreaming. As far as you know dreams are hard to come true!
so let's make our dreams come true!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Colors of People

after a week working in Karen Millen, i met all types of people. some are funny, some are just plain annoying, some are flat like no feelings or mood or in neutral mode. i think that is the best part of working where you get to see many characteristics.
*crap. i know LOL*
i think i am doing good now. i enjoy making sales for the company. i enjoy working at a lively place. for me, to not live in a lively place is a waste. AHAH! we have no time to waste! time is gold. we get to live just once! ok. that is out of the whole point. my point is, just...
live your life

today, i have surprised Ms Safrina since it is her birthday today. damn! this is in the world wide web AHA! i hope some day people will write about me in the world wide web. so, i was planning with Mirjam to surprise her. it happened at Alexis Bangsar, i came there early. i got lost by the way. ok. back to the story :D before they even arrived i was already shaking.
like literally bloody shaking so bad
how do i know that? because i can see my 'shakiness' when i am trying to light up the candles LOL it was bloody funny. i was 'kanciong' i broke the candle a bit ahaha! but it wasn't that visible teehee. they sat outside, i heard her voice
she is loud anyway
i was hiding at the side of the bar at the inside, so i take a peek and said the eff word! because she was facing me. so i text Mirjam
she is facing me!
how laaaa
after that, i dont know how Mirjam managed to change her sit. i brought the cake and started singing happy birthday song!

it was great. she was screaming non-stop. repeating its my birthday many times. it was great. it was great. ahaha! i wish i managed to get the bisou people to draw handbag on the cupcakes but the girl said she can't make it. we had a great lunch; Mirjam had this salmon sandwiches and we shared the alexis burger
thank god
my tummy is bloated nowadays because of my menstrual cycle. gahhhhh! it will become so bloated till i feel like i am pregnant! gezzz.. this physical look is so uncomfortable.

i look so chinese --'

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Job

heck yeah right. this post will be about my first job. i don't consider my practical as my first job because it is not a job. the end. 
i started on Monday. Started looking for a job on the fourth day of Raya, my parents was so mad because they were like
why do you want to work so fast
daddy will ask someone to find a job for you la
i thought i will not go out on that day, but i did. aha! so i went to this mall in the middle of KL *wink* First was Jim Thompson, i filled up a form. Then Topshop. The man suggested me to go to Karen Millen because he said i look more exclusive watever that means and still new. i need a place where there's only a few customer since im..
went in and had my first walk-in interview. the chinese girl asked quite a few questions, i guess she likes me or the way i answer her question so she hired me. YAY! and that's just it. THE END.

at first, i really thought i need a job because my friend is working. everyone is working. i feel so left out
this is why i really REALLY need to start working. besides, i never work before. so why not start something common such as working in the retail line. after the very first day of working, that night, i literally tell myself
it was bloody tiring. i do not care if i do very well on the first day, in my sales but it was so tiring. my legs are super tired. everything is tired! then the next morning, i told myself
every job will be the same
don't quit
if they can do it why not you
all those thoughts coming in fast
so i work happily that day. i met my new colleague. the team is a girl team. LOL no boys. so it was a good start for that day. however, when the day almost over. i told myself
this is tiring
ok. don't slap me kayyyy :D i know i am a ________. fill the blank your own. ahah! but it is very tiring okay! maybe because i am not used to stand a very long time and REMEMBER i never work before. this is it
welcome to the working world
heck yeah it is tiring and boring and so mafan. i really thought i am going to quit. however... today, the person who has been saying this after my first day of working
"tu la, tak nak dengar cakap mummy"
ahahah.. that first night, everyone has to listen to Nagging Erika. my leg is tired. my leg is so lenguh. my leg that. my leg this. but this morning, mummy said
"don't quit la erika.cuba kerja dulu sebulan.first first memang sakit sebab tak biasa. after a time, ok la."
i am totally shocked! heck yeah! because my mum always ALWAYS against me when i want to work, so when she said that it really hit me. like wow! mummy just ask me to work! and besides that, i also tweeted 
when things get rough, i am running away. damn. i should stay
and Megat reply me by saying stay and fight. i am sure he knows what am i talking about so i have another person telling me to stay. he was the first to tell me that when i am in my conscious and able-to-think mode. hehe. really glad it hit me. and then to look like this most of the time
i decided to stay
for now
to find out how long
keep tracking me down

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RIP Munchkin

the only cat that i loved the most until today, died peacefully at the first level of my building. my mum let her out lastnight, hoping she would get better since she is sick. munchkin is our first cat, i repeat, OUR FIRST CAT as a pet. we saw her in Ipoh in front of our house, as dirty as a stray cat can be. however, my dad took her in and my mum groom her till she became one of the queen in the house besides my mum. we called her queen because she has this classy and ignorant look and also she cleans herself most of the time. she is also the fiercest among all cats. she is picky because i remember she dont like to eat the same food all the time, she will ask for a bread or wet food. 

i am very close to her because she listen to me very well. whenever i called her she will come. she is more into me than anyone else. my family always said
kucing erika
i remember there this one time, i was eighteen. i didnt apply for government universities and i got scolded by my dad. i cried while sitting on the sofa. munchkin was staring at me helplessly on the floor. i kinda talk to her that i am sad because dady scolded me and so on. then she jump up to my lap, make a turn probably trying to find the best position for her to sit on my lap, then she lay on my lap with her head on my lap. that is when i realized she understands me and its just so nice of her to come and comfort me.

i got the news right after i had my shower. i was in my towel where Amy Jie open my door and told me Munchkin is dead.
i wasnt surprise
i didnt burst in tears
i just ask where did u find her and how did she died, is there any bites on her. then i realized i was already in tears. i closed the door since i need to put on my clothes. it was sad. extremely sad. i cried so hard till my eyes were so puffy i have to put ice on them. i went to throw the garbage yesterday morning. my mum put her outside, in her cage, near the elevator of my building. while waiting for the elevator, i look at her. usually i dont dare to look at her because she is sick and its just painful to see her that way. i look at her and say
i love you munchkin but i cant do anything about it. may god bless you.
after that, the elevator door opened and i went in with little tears in my eyes. i think all this while, she is waiting for me. waiting for me to see her. waiting for me to say my goodbye to her. 
i cant believe this is actually happening. just recently someone asked 'what would u say to someone that already knew death is knocking at the door'. do you want to know what did i do. 
i do nothing at first
i dont dare to look at her
i seldom see her
i refused to accept the fact that she is going to die soon
when i know she will

Munchkin will always be my favorite, one and only cat that i've ever loved the most. i dont think i want to love anything that is alive. its painful when they are gone. this is bullshit. dont listen to me, im sad so what i wrote is irrelevant. Mummy told me, a cat who loves the owner will not die in the house or in front of you. 
she did
i will always love you Munchkin
rest in peace

"all munchkins will die. some have 9 lives, pray yours will return"
u know what. i dont want to pray there will be another Munchkin because in the end, she is going to leave me or i am going to leave her, either one. that is like repeating the same hurtful feelings again and again. i dont want to be hurt like this anymore and im not going to let her feel like this. 

one of the kind and unique. she has a very short tail, cute eyes. i love how she walks, different than others. she sleeps like me, cuddle up like a baby. somehow, mariah carey - one sweet day is on my mind now :) 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lonely Raya

This year raya would be the weirdest because we went to Melaka on the first day of Raya. We visited my mum's sisters, had glorious melaka food. We dont usually go to Melaka, that is why it is quite a weird Raya. This is due, my dad has no soldiers under him. He no longer the chief officer of a batallion! Ahaha usually his soldiers will come to our house with their families and i just realized our open house every year would be the first day of raya. This year was on the second Raya. Weird weird weird.
I didnt know that most of the people are not available on the first and second of Raya. Well, the first day they might visit the father side while the next day the mother side. So yeah, i havent been so thoughtful. heh.

Mirjam came with 3 GMI students, all guys and they are sabahan. She brought me something from Germany! Woohoo! An eye shadow set
it looks the same as above only that i have the baby blue and brown color
Organic Eyeshadow
Niceeee isnt it! Aha! 

Johan also came all the way from Shah Alam. Its great to catch with them. I watched the expandables 2 with mirjam and the three guys, which i forgot their names.
Hold on
Danial, Jessel and and Jonathan!
Hah i remembered

What would you say to someone who knows he is dying soon? I mean, lets make a situation. A friend called you and say another friend of yours is dying. He can die tomorrow or next 2weeks. And you can only make a call. You cant meet him due to a certain reason. And as always, a call will end with a goodbye, and that goodbye might be the last word from you to the person. 
What should we say?
Obviously not get well soon or everything is going to be alright. I think i would start by asking him how is he doing and update him what is happening in our life right now. Pretend it is a normal call where you just have to update someone with your life. Then only i would talk about moment i had with the person. 
Good moments
Great memories
Happy memoirs
But if you have a chance to not tell the person, that he is dying soon. Will you do it? Im totally doing it. It depends actually. I rather not know that i am dying than to know that i can die anytime soon. If i know that i am dying soon, i dont think i would enjoy life since i know it is coming to an end. Because everyone is afraid of death. Well, I do. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm Coming Home

I hear 'the tears of a clown', i hate that song
this is tweeted by ms safrina. I didnt know the whole meaning of the tweet so this is what i have replied 
What song has a clown in it la. Hehe

Then she bbm me all of the sudden saying its pdiddy. Im coming home. For raya season. Hits keep playing it. Listen to it. Yada yada yada.. Seriously, at that moment i have no idea why she told me all this. Until she called and explain everything in detail. Ahaha! 

It is such a beautiful song full of methapors. Brilliant analogy. Its a song about reconciliation since his friend died and that has changed his life. All he want is forgiveness for being such a horrible person to his 'kingdom' which means his loved ones or friends and family. However he was forgiven, that is why he is ready to come home. This song would remind him how much he regretted what he had done or his past. Lets say being a celebrity makes you forget the world and egoistic or in a simple word, a*holes. So he has not been a good father to his child which he inserted in his song; 
what if the twins ask why i aint marry their mum. What if my son stares with a face like my own
However, he will repay back all his wrongdoings because he stated 'i aint finished growing' And also he told the twins 'i'll be better in the morn'. He admit he was the 'clown'
the tears of a clown . I hate that song
He hated the song because The clown resembles him. Imagine, p diddy being called as a clown. He dated most of the beautiful women in the world; jlo, cameron diaz, sienna miller, naomi campbell. Im sure his ego is smeared to call himself a clown. And the last verse where he said 
Lost my dog (i miss u big)
The dog probably coincides Biggie, a friend of his. Because what is a man bestfriend? A dog. Exactly. So i think what is he trying to say is he has lost his friend, his defender, his partner which forever faithful to him and true, till the last beat of his heart. and that has made him the person he is right now; a better man.

that is diddy with his family

This would not be here in my blog if ms safrina didnt tell me the whole 'im coming home' story. So apart of this whole-thing is from her. *lets give her an applause hehe* I just thought i need to update my blog, so this would be interesting. Since raya is around the corner, is playing this song over and over again. Students kept posting this song on FB and all they know is 'coming home' or in other words 'balik kampung' ahaha. Nice nice. I would think the same. But i dont give a damn much of the meaning of the song until today. So she was saying this song should get an award because the lyrics is beautifully written, the song is just classically cool lah. Ahaha. 

also, she said the saddest thing happened today is one of her student said people keep reminding her 
It must be sad for not having your family around during raya
My heart skipped a beat. I mean i did some sort of reminding someone how sad would it be to not be with her family during raya. So this is really an eye-opening. There is no need for this
Its too bad ur parents not around
It would be better if ur parents are around
And anything else that may sound the same
I would like to apologise to those who got hurt when i tweeted 'that', and thank u ms safrina, as always, u open up my eyes beyond boundaries. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

EQ in Remaja

it took me a while to accept the fact that i am actually in a malay magazine called Remaja which means Teenagers in english *thank u megat*. aha! at first i wasnt too proud of it mainly because it is in Malay. yeah, u can bloodyshoot me! but i was so stupid to not appreciate things like that. that is why i write this, to remind myself not to be pompous and cocky

i got the whole page by myself *grateful*

i never thought myself to be in a magazine. on top of that, to inspire the readers of Remaja is just more than i could ever imagine. i was chosen because my academics and curriculum are excellent. besides promoting GMI, they also want to highlight girls power. Gender does not stop for u to chase ur dreams or even perform well in a male dominated course, which in my case is engineering.

the reporter asked so many questions, i would like to share to u some of the questions and answers that i think are quite interesting. hehehe

do u mind to share ur tips to success?
"Get Inspired" Inspiration is powerful because it comes with love. love can always make us do something absurb but phenomenal. then do not be selfish, share your knowledge. lastly, believe. yes. just like Justin Bieber said. ahah! have faith in yourself and believe that u can achieve ur goals.

who is ur idol and inspired u to success?

my parents because i always knew they wanted me to be a bright student and always depend on me to make them proud. they are everything to me, so i am willing to do anything just to make them happy. the least i can do is to do well in my studies and make them proud. 

what are the activities u do with ur friends during ur free time?

oh my god, right after the external presentation, i've been going out , having the time of my life. i hangout with ms safrina a lot. so we usually hangout at any cafe and chat. all we do is talking. we are cool people with full of crap stories. AHA!

between curriculum and academic, which is important? why?

i think it would be curriculum because for me, in GMI, when u improve ur interpersonal skills, it will eventually improve ur academics. this is due, GMI is more to hands on in its studies. therefore, i think entering a club will definitely help in improving the students soft skills. this will aid the students to get good marks in their academics because most of the syllabus in GMI is presentation orientate, which somehow requires good soft skills to score A in most of the subjects.

what is ur advice to the youth out there who wanted to study the same course as u?

my advice would be never stop learning or obtaining knowledge. to succeed in GMI is easy, all u need is effort and passion in everything u do. dont give up because some of the subject are just too challenging. hence more research need to be done. read many journals because what is in the handbook or classes is never enough. besides, process control is a rare course but has a high value in the industry especially something related to industry such as industrial engineering. this was told by a professor in UPM when i interviewed him for my final year project. 

ok, enough of the question and answer session. AHAH! for your information, all questions were asked in malay, i translated it because all my answers in English. i almost answered wrongly because i was confused with the word 'pengajian'. i thought i was supposed to write about my institute but it turn out to be about my course. luckily i doubt myself and ask my sister what is the meaning of pengajian. and my English and Bahasa are not excellent, sorry for that.

thank you GMI