Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas was AWESOME

i finally had a Christmas eve dinner (after so long) with the rest of the Quah family (my father side). last year we didnt gather because my dad was in Lebanon doing his UN mission. it was FANTASTIC because the whole family was there; uncle vincent's, uncle sunny's, uncle louis's and aunt v's family. 
my big-enough FAMILIA
first thing i do when i meet my cousins is HUG THEM~ i love hugging people. however, not everyone is comfortable with hugging. i know a person, her name is FIE! :P ok, back to the topic, which is HUGGING. by hugging people, we simply imply that we care about them and they are always in our mind. well, not in the dirtiest way ur mind can hugging people is easy peasy~~ just bring ur body or do a 'pre-hug' gesture to start a hug so people know u are going to hug them in a sec!
hug people to show u love them
hug people to show u care about them

my mum made the best roast turkey ever! n i just knew that a frozen turkey needs 3 days to defrost. 
3 bleddy days
yeah. with the E not O. BLEDDY
learn that from the current book that i am reading *got it as a christmas present*
mum used Jamie Oliver's recipe. i think it was the best roast turkey or something with the Best word. cant really remember. it was seriouslyshit the best roast turkey i have ever taste. i have tasted uncle vincent's and aunty v's but mum's one managed to nail it! so i would like to recommend Jamie's recipe if u are a beginner for roasting a turkey.

on christmas morning, i received a gift. wrapped in green and red ribbon. in front of my house door
impeccably clean
on the floor

i was extremely shocked and i know its from Sweets. who else could have done all the sweetest things to me except him. i didnt expect anything from him at all, so it was a complete surprise.

the menu on christmas eve was 2 huge roasted turkey and a whole salmon as big as a effing cat can be. LOL. we have around 25 people, so the food is more than enough. we have a lot of leftovers. there was several dessert; blackberry+strawberry+spices, pudding, vienetta ice cream and soo-ee or tang yuen (chinese sweetness). this will be the approximated portion for 25 people. 

dad with uncle JB
EFF YEAH JB!!! u know.. justin bieber. LOL. nayhh.. its john baptist

soo-ee or tang yuan
i love this to the max because its super sweet!

and thats STINKY BEAUTIFUL aka FIE (fyi,the left one is me)
shes my bestie for the year! i never had a bestie for quite a long time. its very hard to find one anyway. therefore, once i get one, i will treasure it *wink*