Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Apology Fie

today is the day i went for my SECOND trip to petroscience KLCC, Malaysia. the first one was a very long time ago, went there with my sisters n uncle vincent's family. ticket is quite cheap, for adult is rm15, youth(around 12-18) rm10 while children is rm5. 
really reasonable. i know

we waited for the dark ride for 30 bloody minutes. it was a very long wait. n we didnt go for the flight or helicopter simulator because they said we have to wait till 5pm, when that time was at 3.30pm. i mean WHAT THE HECK. u want us to waste our time waiting like we are not breathing ( living things )?? ridiculous.

i was suppose to go and see my bestie's last floorball game at 6pm. effie is not replying me until now. im afraid shes absolutely mad or disappointed with me. idk. my sis lost her purse in petroscience. so i didnt get to see effie's game because of that. we went to the police station, so kinda waste our time there. 
i am truly sorry fie
i was suppose to see ur game
i hope u scored a goal, in replaced of mine inexistence