Friday, December 16, 2011

Post from my Compaq

ahahaha.. if u realized, i have been updating my blog using my ipad. but right now, i am using my all MIGHTY Compaq Presario C700
my first laptop
it was given from my dad after my SPM. i was shocked actually because i didnt expect my dad to surprise me with a laptop that time. it was right after my last paper. 
enough about my lappytop. this blog should be about ME. AHA~~

im still thinking on taking a part time job because i really could use some money. hehe.. actually, i really really want to experience working. i never work in my whole life before. eventhough i have done my practical or industrial training or in-plant training, i can pretty much conclude it wasnt really a working experience for me. sad. i know. *sigh*

christmas is just around the corner. i cant wait to celebrate it with my big family. i just miss the moment where we gather and open our present in front of the christmas tree. even i am a muslim, my family is muslim but we have a family who celebrates Christmas. so we joined them and they join us during the Raya celebration as well. all we do is gather, eat together and getting present. we dont really go to church or do anything religiously related stuff.