Tuesday, December 13, 2011

End of Semester 5

Only one paper left to get out from Semester 5!! I cant believe its final year, i cant wait to graduate. Aha!

I went through all my pictures and i realized i have lose weight like a lot
Like seriously A LOT
Im not sure why, maybe its the stress level. I can pretty much conclude that the rate of stress is kinda proportional to the study year. Or during my in-plant training, i eat less because i was in a different environment where i work, eat less and sleep early.

Its not that i regret i have lose weight(obviously no). Just happy that i did look smaller and thinner eventhough i know i am not healthy. Is this the correct feeling? Idk. I like my body right now, its just so thin till i like it. LOL. Well, the cons will be. Most of my jeans is way to big for me.
Thats just suck
U can literally pull down without opening the zip or button. Luckily i have quite a few skinny jeans, so they r still wearable. LOL

I didnt study properly for today's paper. Only god knows why. But still i can answer the questions. *grateful* I think because it is a short semester where all the things u have learned is still fresh in ur head. It diminished slowly but not just yet untill i cannot answer d question. What i want to share is,
Believe in yourself
That u can make it out if u have faith in urself. I know it sounds bullshit but that just how it works on me :D