Sunday, October 30, 2011

Same Same but Different

where to find Hello Kitty merchandise in Malaysia? Ahaaaaa.. Original from SanRio, u can find it in Isetan,KLCC. I also saw Vans version of hello kitty.

Last Wednesday, the ELC had a gathering in Starbucks KLCC. We discussed our next event and finally chose Together As One. I know, it's a choral speaking and the theme is religion. AHA! Whatever it is, that's our next event.

On Thursday night, I watched a German movie titled Same Same but Different. I really enjoy the movie. It was the most romantic movie ever,well for me. I love how the guy show his love to this Cambodian girl. That's just super sweet of him. And astonishingly, it's a true story. Bloody hell. I know. I would recommend, fellow of the world wide web to watch this movie. I guarantee u won't regret buying or download the movie.

i love the movie soundtracks!

The sad part is I'm still struggling with my Final Year Project, individual proposal. I don't know where and how to start. I just wish I get a boost out of nowhere and that's when I'm gonna start with my proposal.

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