Friday, October 21, 2011

Final Year Project(FYP) Supervisor

Today i get to know my supervisor for my FYP which is Mr. Hakim. We have no idea who the hell he is. He is quite new in GMI. The best part is

he is awesome
Ahahaha. Well, i am very confident with him because he was once a consultant. Engineer consultant.

like. What the hell??
This is what we want. Free consultation for our project! This is just so prefect. Alhamdulillah. At first when we got him, we went

who the hell is this guy

how is he like

My ankle is still a little bit swollen. The tournament is tomorrow. I guess i cant enter it. WARGHHHH!! Im so dissapointed with myself. I thought i can play with my team. Sorry JIEHA AND NANA. They really thought im going to play with them. Haihhhhhh!

everything happens for a reason

I dont really get the reason. Hmph

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