Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Netball After 2/3 Years

I was once a Wing Defence in my high school netball team. Im either a Wing Attack or Wing Defence. So i stopped playing when i am in Form 5/ 17 years old because i have a big test; SPM. the greatest achievement is i get to represent Zon A(if not mistaken) in sarawak. We got a very very good coach and we even have..what do i call this person.. He is like a psychologist or motivator, whatever u call it. Hehe..

So i played today. And i sprained my ankle. It was bloody painful and quite shocking because its been a very VERY long time i didnt injured myself. If u ever facing this situation, always, ALWAYS remember to put ice, cold treatment. Then after an hour u can start with the hot treatment where u put hot ointment and so on. Thanks to my personal nurse who gave me free consultation. Aha!

Im really into netball, some sort like a passion to me. Well, once a passion. Why netball is fun? Hmmm..i would say, theres a lot of do's and dont's. Aha!

I just entered my final year and now ONLY i started playing netball. My mum is going to kill me if i spend too much time on it. Hahaha! No doubt. I dont know if i made a mistake by going to the court but i had fun just now.

i've jump like i never jump before

i run like i never run before

i got tired like i never experince tired before
It was fun.. K, i have to continue with my hot treatment to my ankle. Wish me well :D

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