Monday, October 17, 2011

Semester 5 GMI

I am a semester 5 student today! Yippee! It's my final year! I'm so in a mixed feelings for final year project. Got my result for my sem 4, my cgpa increased. The problem is...I said to my mum that my cgpa decreased bcz I forgot my previous cgpa

The best part is, she told me to focus more and it is not the time to play or mess around. And AND reduce my 'dating' time with sweetness.ahaha!

but what if I told her the other way around?
Mummy, what if my cgpa is not decrease but increase?! :D well, will she tell me the same advice..hmm mm

Sweets just bloody prank me by telling me he's Darwin from PIC semester 2 and a big fan of me and ask me for a lunch together tomorrow. I fell for it. Well, I didn't fall for it at FIRST. I know it's sweets. But when he said he is a member of elc and a junior from semester 2, my mind went

I started to feel that the person is really is Darwin, a junior of mine and is a member of elc. So I'm like I am soooo sorry, I thought u are my boyfriend bcz I called him just now and he didn't answer.
And he played along by saying, I heard u are the president and top student and he is a big fan of mine. And ask me for a lunch.
So I said I can't because I have a boyfriend. Sorry
And he said I didn't know u r taken Yada Yada Yada....
I asked him where did he get my number,what is his father's name..

he said Singh
And that triggered EVERYTING. Ahahah! Bcz theres this guy named Dharween Singh in my fb that I exchanged comment when he said that, I knew sweets is pranking me!

sweetness sake

I just got punk'd! Damnnnnn he's good. He really sound like an Indian guy. I imagined an Indian guy, tall..gosh.. Bloody u boo :)

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