Saturday, August 20, 2011

I've watched justin Bieber NEVER SAY NEVER movie. If u are a belieber, U should watch it! he's so talented and charming and everything! His dad is quite good looking too, almost like David Beckham style.hehe. Scratch the metrosexual of David Beckham

reminds me of someone; superman :]

I'll be wearing Pink Baju Raya this year! It's never my intention to wear pink this year. More interestingly, before I knew I'll be wearing pink this year, I bought Sweets a pink renoma

pink sweets!

I can't stop smiling watching him wearing pink shirt. I thought he's going to shout and scold me when I give him a pink top. Apparently. Surprisingly. Thankfully. He doesn't.

he laughed

he gave me a hug

guess what. I'm listening to Justin Bieber My World album while writing this

aha! Do u know his father cried watching him perform in Madison square? That touches my heart. Awww... His movie is a must see movie IF..




u are not a big fan but likes his songs ;)

I'm into DOWN TO EARTH song by Justin Bieber. The song is so emo, it makes me cry listening to it. The lyrics are sad.