Sunday, August 7, 2011


This will be my first post using BLOGSY! Why I didn't use Safari to write my post? Well,here's the reason;

I can't do much with my post

Thats why I have this BLOGSY to help me with my postI feel nerdy for typing correct spelling in this post because apple has this auto correct thingy(aha! I pressed 'x' so I can write thingy) I will get used to it but it will definitely takes timeI went to Tower Regency Hotel yesterday for Quality Mindset Training. It's a training to create quality awareness etc etc. It's super interesting. never thought that playing Legos is 'educating'. However, I wasn't suppose to go to the training because I'm an industrial trainee. Apparently, the title of the training makes me want to go.

What's the difference between

doesn't need to go


cannot go

Ahaaaaa.. With knowledge of mine, doesn't need to go defines I can either go or not. Cannot go, clearly state that I'm prohibited to go.

Absolutely NO go