Tuesday, July 26, 2011

iPad 2 it is!!

As u all know, I've bought myself an ipad2. Tis will be the first post I write using my iPad.
Not interesting. Let's talk about something more interesting and informative.LoL

Currently I'm helping one of the senior technical specialist in my company to resolve an issue regarding the gas system. MEMC Ipoh is using silane gas for production. Very VERY few company use this gas in Malaysia.
I'm feeling lucky

Last Sunday I bought Sweets to one of the famous Chinese restaurant
It's not really a restaurant
More like a place where there are many hawkers selling their food. I ordered for him a weird looking dish.Ahahah
*drum roll*
Fried loh si fun

It's superquite mafan to use iPad to blog. I cant seem to put my text in the middle and color it!!! Watafak..
no wonder theres no flash in ipad
im using lappy now to edit my post..