Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Apple Device

im currently DYING waiting for my Ipad 2 to arrive. its been 5 days and i ordered through apple store malaysia, online. on monday i did call Apple, to know if there's any stock for Ipad 2 and the lady said there is. however, when i check my item status, it was engraved in China yada yada yada in China.
so is it true if i engraved something on my Ipad 2, i have to wait longer than without engraving?
i guess so

today i learned about the Ultra Pure Water system where they treat the water till it becomes pure H2O. i learned the process a bit.lets talk something informative for my readers. ahaha. 

so if u are interested in buying an Ipad2 online, the process will be 5/6 days. the invoice i received is from singapore, which i dont know why. 

do i need to buy the smart cover? im thinking of the keyboard. wargh! i cant wait for it anymore!