Friday, July 15, 2011


im feeling all goofy. i dont know why. so today every man in my company reminds me of my dad. Mr Ragu slang and way of talking reminds me of daddy. the red puma shirt wore by Jeff reminds me of daddy's red puma t-shirt. listening to Gin talking hokkien reminds me of daddy also.

i miss my dad~~~ 
not because i wanted him to use his credit card to buy ipad 2 through apple store malaysia. something.
no no no AHA!

this week in-plant is about chemical. ahaaaa.. im just amazed by the engineer who design the chemical delivery machine (cdm). i would love to design one too. its just so interesting. besides that, the manual valve is in PINK color! so KAWAI~~~ well, not the whole valve, only the screw. AHAHA!

do you know erika quah is a belieber?
i have no idea why im so into JUSTIN BIEBER. hes just adorable. i love his song especially UP.
BIEBERENA? sounds like ribena.ehehehe
anywho. i love THEM! they look so cute together!!
adriene received a 3D justin bieber book as a gift from her friend. i had bieber attack (heart attack). 
i think im probably. maybe. exactly. a belieber. 
no doubt