Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bersih La Sangat

im not taking sides. i know something wrong with the government, but we are peaceful now. why do u want to take that away?? al-jazeera said we are a democratic country, why arent we allow any demonstration? 
democracy = people's voice. i know
however, u have to know that the rally is called illegal rally. i know anything that is ILLEGAL is not good.ahahah! anyway, any rally that is going on today is ILLEGAL. the police only cares about the safety of the people because they found explosives and weapons somewhere in Perak. unless, they are heartless. i think the police wont care at all if there is a rally or not today.

i shall not talk much about it cause i dont want to get shoot by a sniper. hehe. but i do know that something is wrong with the government. but its already peaceful maaa.. hehe.

i want to have this baby!
i have reasons. its thinner than IPAD 2. powerful. the camera is much more better than IPAD 2. warghhhh!! 
why is it so hard to buy a gadget???
someone is trying hard to change my mind to ipad 2. do u think its going to work? keep on tracking to find out. AHA!