Friday, July 8, 2011

The Good Side

as mentioned my first week of in-plant training is BORING however when it comes to the second week
jeng jeng jeng
it gets better
reminds me of the gays issues in perezzie AHA!

so i want to share this. your in-plant training might go bad for the first week. when it comes to the second week, you are going to enjoy your training. one thing i know, every in-plant student should do this
look for a job
seek for it
smell it
dont go sit at the corner. waiting someone to let your face facing them. aha!

today i get free McD. someone in the department is treating us, a few people. i think its my luck to be one of them. the story went like this. i was in the office, jobless. so i went out to find Mr. Deva because if im jobless im going to find him and ask for a job. so luckily i saw him while passing the non-clean room. so i decided to tag along with him because im bored.

wore the jumpsuit to enter the Class 10k. follow Mr. Deva like im some sort of bodyguard. i have no choice but to stand like a pole and do nothing. i dont mind btw. AHA!
after leaving the Class 10k room, POOF~ we got invited to McD. at first, i declined because i thought only specific people is invited. but i went and joined them anyway.

im in dilemma in choosing between these two.. *long sigh*

ipad 2 is kinda cool. galaxy s2 is cool too.. gahh~~ which one should i buy??