Saturday, July 2, 2011

In-plant training; 1st Week

im doing my in-plant training in MEMC Ipoh; an american company. its a company that deals with semiconductor. FYI, the wafer in the chip of ur blackberry is made by MEMC.
my working days will be Monday till Friday. working hours is far my first week. i will summarize it in one word
oh yeah. my supervisor got a project and its hard to handle because u need to know the company's thingy yada yada yada. so i tag with the other practical students from USM and MMU. they are Raymond and Kevin.
however, next monday they said there will be a new practical GIRL
YESH! finally a girl
in my department there is only a girl in it. then i came in. so there are TWO
next week is going to be THREE

everywhere i go, the majority of people around me will always be MALE. why? due to the course im taking; ENGINEERING. last wednesday, vendors from ROCKWELL automation came to MEMC. i took them to see the PLC panels. and one of the guy from UNITEN kajang/putrajaya. he was surprise of my course and asked why i chose it.
only god knows :)

my work is more like an engineer rather than technician. i know i said this a lot but it has to be spoken out A LOT of time. maybe because im a girl. hehehe. the guys in my department are kind and soft spoken. they are cool. no problem YET.
i just hope i get to fill up more in my log book because i need to handle a machine or device or equipment. if i keep supervising or become like a watcher, i wont be able to fill in my log book. unless....
i cheated

me and my sisters bought my mum a toaster. a KENWOOD toaster for her belated birthday present. the image above is the exact taoster that we bought for her! my mum loves KENWOOD and again, only god knows why. i think its a good brand. an expensive one too.