Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Return

im going to talk about the good things because good things brings good vibes and my mission is to attract GOOD people in my blog. and now im going to CURSE whoever that have a bad intention when coming to this blog, you are going to be miserable for the rest of your life because u have create a very bad memories to lilypad, i mean to me.
okay im done with my curse

so me and marshallAIZUL is going strong. we are doing AMAZINGLY GREAT. this will be the first time to live very far apart but close in the heart. yucks. thats classic. anyway, we smsed everyday. we skyped. we said good night and good morning. everything is FINE and fabulous...fabulous.. that doesnt make sense right?
i think i just lost one of my senses
*going lala*

i'll be doing my in-plant training next week. i cant wait to experience nightmare. i have this vision that its going to be hell in my company. idk. i have a bad feeling bout it.

some of my college stuffs is with Sweets. hopefully he didnt STEAL any of my stuffs *giggles* okay, he's the only one that can help me to empty my college room. my dad is in Lebanon. My family lives in Ipoh, my mum is afraid of long distance travelling. she didnt allowed my sisters to pick me up. so sweets is the one.

im typing this post because its been a long time i'v abandoned my blog. im having this HIMYM marathon and its AMAZING. this time is real. i mean real AMAZING. previous AMAZINGLY is opposite of it.