Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Help: Steal People's Url

Situation 1
u open ur blog and findout in the shoutmix that many people are mad at u. and u start to wonder why. thank god, God almighty, some left their blog URL. so u go to their blog and read the shoutmix because something is amiss. and then u check there's a person disguised as me; mrs. e. and left each of the angry bloggers a fckup comments. 
total effin wat

there is one blogger who thought im the fcking dumbass who left him/her the fckup comments because i want my blog to be famous.
i have my identity on my blog. my twitter. my facebook probably(if u google my name) and this is genuine. u think im that idiot to do such thing? dont insult me. 
i felt so insulted for people to think i am soooooo stupid when im not. gezzzzchrist. why would i want my blog to be famous as the most hated blog in the worldwideweb????

hereby, i want to say. greatest apology to bloggers who got the unwanted comments in ur shoutmix. every each of the fckup comments that he post, will be the time he sigh in a day of his life. 

ladies and gentlemen, if u are having the same problem. u can go to the police station. they helped me. they are going to link it straightaway to the multimedia commission.

whoever did this to me, i know u are a guy. probably with a spectacles on, imagining those computer-die-hard peeps. i wonder what would u feel when u wake up every morning and realized u have done a crime? doesnt that haunting u?? well, for me, i will surely feel uneasy or uncomfortable with my life. 

sweetness has been with me throughout this whole situation. i am very very grateful to have someone with me at this time. i wont have the guts to go to the police without him. it really changed me from being afraid to a braver person.