Friday, May 27, 2011


why do ppl go anonymous? is it
A) they are afraid to reveal themselves
B) they have plans to sabotage a person
C) they are shy people
D) none of the above

if u ask me, i would go for A and B. they probably have plans to ambush a person or to do a serious crime. want to sack me? i have no idea wat ur intentions are. find someone else that worth ur time.

who are we to judge other people?
who are we to say this and that to other people?
who are we to decide whats best for him or her?
just let God do his work


i just done transfering a few pictures from my Quincy Jr. to lappytop. then i saw this mouth-watering picture

omaigod... i want to go to The Mines and have these mouth watering snack... YUMMEH. it only cost around rm4.50 if not mistaken.