Friday, May 20, 2011

Firdaus, my Daddy

i want to publicize my greatest gratitude and love to my dad
firdaus quah
u are my light that shines my road
well mummy too 
u are my pillow when i needed one
im sleepy

he helped me with the speech and i extremely have no time to see Ms Adiba or Ms Safrina and ask for help. Daddy is the only person that can help me in the time like this and he's GREAT. i never thought that Daddy can be so much helpful in my speech.
seems like i underestimating my own father
bad girl bad girl what u gonna do
what u gonna do when im come for u

daddy before his flight to lebanon

and oh! greatest apology to those who already at the venue for the English Club Meeting. it was suppose to be at 8pm and i got back from helping Ms Saf with the English Day gifts so i arrived my room at 7.30pm. and i was so fucking extremely tired and i have headache and it was raining! 
i dont want to make myself worst since i have this headache
apology to the English Club Members for postponing the meeting last minutei know its my fault and hopefully u all will forgive for not giving my all as a president
hehe emo pulak