Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kah Mun

first of all
HAPPY WESAK DAY to all Buddhist!

me and Sweets went window shopping and we had Beef Kebab at first. we were suppose to watch Fast 5 however there were so many earthlings lining for ticks so we changed our mind. AHA! the kebab was great, that was our second time to eat there. then we went to A&W to have float. 
just the float; root beer + vanilla ice cream

right after i passed the entrance, i glanced at a girl
and my mind said 'its kah mun'
yet i continue walking till im outside A&W because im not sure its her

me: i think thats my friend, kah mun
sweets: go and talk to her la
me: *stare at him*

i put my chin up; be brave.
stand in front of her
stare at her for a couple of secs
then said Kah Mun
then she said What the heck
probably she was so surprised to meet me
then started la the scene when a girl meet her long lost girlfriends
she stand up and we hug after a long time we didnt hug each other..awwwwww....

she was so happy to see me and i was super happy too to meet her. she called herself dumb for not seeing me in the A&W. well, i dont blame her, we kinda sit near the counter and she sit at the entrance. she just being nice... AHAH! she said its JODOH for us to meet. i like it when she use the word jodoh. its a malay word and its funny when she use it.
we hug so many times <3 its so darn happy to see her today
that's Kah Mun on the left
sorry to 'kidnap' ur pic Kah Mun. we shud have taken a picture just now! dang!

her birthday was on the 15th of May and i've been browsing her picture on that day, saying to myself that i missed her. and POOF! today i met her
thats what i call COOLNESS

oh and one more thing, after i stepped foot in the shopping complex. i told to myself
im going to meet a friend today
maybe from convent ipoh, or st. teresa or PUTERI
and it really happened!
thats another DOUBLE COOLNESS!