Monday, May 16, 2011

Electrical Wiring

only one class today n it is electrical wiring. u heard me right, im doing wiring. like the REAL wiring in the house where u have the main switch, kilowat meter, miniature circuit breaker etc etc.
i feel like a wiring specialist
i love my course in German Malaysian Institute where im specialized in Process Instrumentation and Control. u learned so many cool stuffs. AHA! u get to learn micro c, pneumatic hydraulic, process control <---best!

enough of commercializing my UniversityInstitute

i had lunch with Nadzren today since Sweets in kL. well only at the cafe and we talked about deejay stuffs. its kinda cool to know all those stuffs. now it makes me feel like i want to have deejay stuffs so i can learn a bit about it. AHA!
why is it so many stuffs??

i love Armin Van Buuren featuring Sharon Den Adel trance music In and Out of Love