Sunday, May 15, 2011


i have a public speaking competition coming up on the 28th May in UNITEN and the title for the prepared speech is Leadership 2013. i didnt read properly the letter so i blindly search on merely the title. 
damn naive
i even made my dad search on the same thing. HAHA. silly me. its actually about the youth today is tomorrow's leader. before i realized it was that, i been searching on global issues which is so hard to talk about. as expected, the saved URLs are all crap. AHAHHAHA

lesson to be learn : read carefully and thoroughly a letter or questions etc etc

i had tosai for breakfast. i LOVE tosai because its sour. LOL. it is effingbest eaten with a coconut gravy that is in white color. 
i cooked pasta for lunch. instant pasta by San Remo, extremely cheap around RM4+. i add in extra spaghetti to have extra pasta in it. 
i packed in a tupperware for Sweets and bought Ice Lemon Tea AND walk all the way to the IE building under the terribly HOT sun and quite far. more likely 250 meters from my hostel building.
i dont do measurement
and said BOO!
did i manage to surprise u??! *happy*
thats what a girl do when she's in love
AHA! i told u to keep track on me to knw what girls do when they are in love

i want to horse ride so badly :( i am still sad because i didnt horse ride this weekend. it was suppose to be a 
*long sigh*
it was suppose to be a picture of me riding a white horse