Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bagan Lalang+FLU after event grrrrr

its BITCHBEACH DAY! went to the beach called Bagan Lalang in Sepang with sweets this morning. its the weekend
the beach is fine, the weather was extremely in a good condition
windy + no miss SUNSHINE! 
to have a beach day without the sun at 11pm is RARE cases. so we were so lucky the weather is good. we chilled under a tree; which i forgot the name of it. enjoying our sandwiches and iced lemon tea. 

having our greatest fun so far!

the tide was so low we have to walk around 100m to get to the END OF THE WORLD. the nearer we get, the bigger the crabies. there was so many little tiny crabies and it feels so touchy or ticklish or thorny to look at an army of it on ground. n its red in color, which looks more like an army of red ants. eeeeyerrrr~~

im having sore throat + flu now. damn! i want to kill myself, i refuse to endure this. this is deplorable! i only have a lozenge left. SHIT! im going to gargle salt water now and take my piriton for the flu.