Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tum Tum Madness

i had food poisoning symptoms last few days.. it was bloody brutal. the story goes like this;
at 11am, me and sweets went to McD and i had filet-o-fish. i skipped my lunch because i have class at 2. then at night, i had my dinner late and it was Ayam Penyet. its spicy. on the way back i was totally in agony. my tummy doesnt feel well, i wanted to puke so badly but i cant, i almost faint because the feeling suck big time.
arrived in my room
i started to take my pail to my room because i have a feeling im going to puke anytime
and i did
google image for vomit is a total mistake. yucks!
but i found a decent picture of vomiting

i vomited all my dinner in the pail
it was such an ugly sight *of course it is*
so lesson learnt "never skipped a meal"

i went to the clinic Mega Bangi and met this uber nice doctor. he's an outsider, not a malaysian. more like pakistani or iranian or middle east people. he's funny and he realized my dad is a chinese by my name. and he gave me a sweet.
i didnt heard him that clear but he said something "kid" maybe he said i look like a kid and why not give me a sweet. AHA! so i get a strawberry chewy sweet!

sweets repaired my quincy junior. i cant wait to use it, its been months i abandoned my quincy jr. awwwww... 
quincy jr.