Saturday, April 2, 2011


extraterrestrial is defined as life that doent originate from the Earth
its in Katy Perry featuring Kanye West- ET song!
i still love kanye
my latest song-diction
do u know how alien sex intercourse works?
they use PROBE
its in the song, dont blame me if it isnt true

what else can we learn from this song?
*thinks hard*
OH! maybe.... just maybe. nothing can stop u to love someone? your partner can be from anywhere in the world as long as he or she is a alien human. what i meant is, even though he or she a/an african, german, lebanese etc, who cares~~ u are in love, thats just ecstatic

Sweets first message for the day
YAY! today is sunday!
i was like.... apparently my laptop was on and i look at the calendar on my desktop
then i know..HE MISSES ME SO MUCH
my train tomorrow will be in the morning, so HOLD ON bb.. i'll be in kL at noon~ u just need to hold
approximately 18 more hours