Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Things Are Great Things

i sent my dad at the airport last saturday morning. we didnt get to breakfast together because there was a problem on the flight tickets. my dad's and his friend's names were not in the list. it took almost an hour to solve the bloody problem. gahhhh!

anyway.. problem solved and he and his friend have to rush to the plane, afraid they might missed the plane. pity my dad have to walk quickly.. grrr.. but what i remember is
he's already glad me and Sweets were there to watch him depart
sometimes little things can be great things
so dont afraid to do little things, it might end up great things!

u all have to listen to this inspiring song by Lea Michelle Glee Original song, Get It Right. its about a person who is trying to get everything right many times but it doesnt work. however, the person doesnt gives up instead be more stronger and wiser.

long distance relationship. will it work?
my opinion, every type of relationship will work no matter what the situation is as long as u have these
when u love someone, u will be loyal to them. and by love, trust is like a fertilizer while love is the plant. to make ur love stronger than ever, u gotta have trust. u might be thinking how to trust ur partner when they are far apart? they might flirt with somebody else etc etc. then now u have to change that typical state of mind
why do u think of the bad things?
i dont blame u for thinking bad things because people tend to think of negative things since  they dont want that to happen or afraid that the most
do u know if u think of the good things, it will be better
1st. u r not predicting bad things will happen
2nd. thinking makes u focusing more on that matter. so why focus on bad things when u can choose to focus on the good things *wink*

enough of relationship 101 AHAHAHAHHAHA