Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not Blaming Them

goodness sake. it was a melodramatic, tragic, tiring and hectic week! with the tests, competition, morning and evening classes, meetings...and i'v been a failure and i wont let that to happen again. sometimes, u can only blame the timing. ahahha.. nayhhhhh~ time management? idk. i better stop this crap!

i was suppose to prepare pasta for the Open Day in GMi but i didnt because i spent the weekends with my family. my dad was coming over for 2 weeks break (he was in Lebanon doing UN mission) so i have to sacrifice myself to not attending the Open Day, which i want to attend it the most.

we went to A'Famosa and Bandar Hilir. we were having fun together, its going to be bullshit if one of us wasnt there. but during the trip there were 2 things in my mind, still~ AHAH
2nd my ELC dedicated members
i keep on smsing Afiqah, my deputy, and Jo to update me whats happening. i was worried, and my sister scolded me for not wholly be in the trip. she wanted me to forget about them and enjoy my time with my family, which is quite hard when u have responsibilities somewhere else. hehehe..

enuff with that. but just one question more
how annoying could it be when a person sms
text me
then u reply but he didnt reply u back??? may as well no need to sms text me ryte???

lastly, i would like to give my appreciation to Sweets, Afiqah, Haidi, Jieha, Ariel, Ghazi, Hakimi and those who worked extremely hard for the Gmi Open Day. ur contribution gives impact to the people around u.. BRAVO!