Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweets and Lovely

i got the second place for the public speaking competition i mentioned in previous post. its GREAT! its my first time, imagine if i do it more often. i might be the winner! but it was a really good start. everything has its starting point and mine just happened two days ago.

look what i've got
supposed to be SWEETNESS and LOVELINESS but they are too long

i have a story to tell. its about an amazing story about a lady who changed my life. she was the person who, can be called as forcing me to enter the public speaking audition. if she didnt asked me to enter the audition, i wont be in the competition and wont unleash what i have in me.
i would like to give my greatest appreciation to Ms. Safrina, who made my dreams a lil bit clearer than before
therefore, u have to try new things even u have no foundation on it. live ur life and try something new. it might change ur life as well

and not forgotton to Ms Adiba who helped me a lot for the competition. i havent return her reader's digest. thank u very much for giving me support. including Ms. Fazleen.

i finally had nan with Sweets.. im so grateful to have nan with him after 3 weeks without mercy. hehe
that was a picture of him
manhattan fish market
i LOVE it!