Friday, March 11, 2011

The Microsecond

im still having my stress due to the assignments i have and the public speaking competition just around the corner and my Microcontroller test as well. i hope my cycle wont be affected by it, because its extremely painful when it does.

i ate a lot last night; bakso, laksa and 2 burgers for dinner. i had bakso at 6/7 something in the evening then at 8+pm i had the laksa and A burger. approximately 15mins later, we had another burger but from different stall which is located at the guy's cafe.

i extremely thought that Sweets is ONLY taking a picture of me. however, in the video, i realized he was recording after i askd him 'what are u doin'

he's having a high fever now. i hope he will get well soon. and i almost passed out during my morning class because i was extremely sleepy. i called this occurrence The Microsecond
i was standing still
listening to Sir who's explaining the hydraulics devices
and all of the sudden
blank for a microsecond
and i almost fall but i didnt *phewh*
after that happened, i try not to stand still but move my body to left and right
to prevent The Microsecond to occur for the second time