Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Awaken Dream

its not a competition, its an AUDITION
sorry for the mistake,it was actually an audition to represent my college for the public speaking competition organized by MARA. i won the competition! wow. its terrifying. LOL because i never done this before. well, i always have a dream to be a speaker, that delivers speech that motivates students. this is true story. its just that i never told anyone about it. now im publicly exposing one of my dream in the worldwideweb. LMAO

it is a dream to be a very good speaker, i just feel like i need to deliver all the good vibes that i have with me. it makes me feel good and of course i want to share it.

lets stop the crap. aha! its been a very VERY busy semester. YES. SEMESTER. not week, not day and not even month. theres so many things to do, i dont know if im making myself to do so many things but i just felt like i never been this busy. gah~~

i have Swearing Disorder where a person love to swear when they are mad. i have to stop this menace because i even swear to the person i love and this is seriously have to go far far away to the neverland. so this year, i will reduce my swear word usage from 100% to 60%. ahahah..

Sweets sent me to class and pick me after class.awwww...thats so sweet of him! i KNOW! ahah. btw, its walking. not by car, so im really flattered that he was willing to walk back and fro just to sent me to class and walk with me after class.

this explain what would a guy do when he's in love
but what would a girl do when shes in love?
lots of thing. i'll update in my blog *wink*