Monday, February 21, 2011

Public Speaking

i am entering a public speaking competition, it will be on wednesday and i've been practicing my speech since saturday. its not an impromptu public speaking. thankgod. if it is, i'll be the first to chicken out. 
so the first person to listen to my speech is Sweets. pffff.. who else. LOL hes the only person who knows my title, well i've told mum my title. i dont know if she remember it or not. hehe. so i practice my speech in front of Sweets in the cafe at noon. there were little people so i wasnt so afraid to open up my voice. after finish practicing  he gave his advice to add more body language and make my ending more powerful.

i got that covered
aha! i just add my conclusion part. i hope its powerful enough to end it that way.

we spent hours in the cafe, since mercy(his car) is in the workshop. so we couldnt go out to alamanda or anywhere we wanted. usually alamanda. hehe!

i realized after having a fight with him, all i want is to spend more time with him. because both of us got hurt. and wat we need is each other company. two ways healing each other wound. 

and if u are having a fight and its the end of ur relationship, dont think of the worst things. get along with ur friends,spend more happy times with them so u wouldnt have ur mourning period alone.