Saturday, February 19, 2011

Second Biggest Fight

another test from god to us. a fight is always ugly. when we are mad, we do things unexpectedly. we doesnt mean it.
anger can manipulate ourselves
so whenever im angry, i say things that i shouldnt say. sound cliche? yeah. but thats what happened. i cant help it.
and and.. i really really do appreciate sweets. sometimes, im focusing more on what he had turn into and neglecting the things he's trying to do. at the end i said
u dont have to back me up if it looks bad on u

i think the problem with girls(or just me), we try to think more what other girls will think of about their boyfriend. its like it will be an issue if u dont like my boyfriend. AHA! and i am more to someone's attitude because when people she who's im with, that person must have a good attitude. or good image. i have standards

i made him look bad in front of his friends
i didnt realized it because i was extremely mad and focussing more on delivering my msg to him

what i learned from this fight is

  • get a room to fight LOL
  • attitude problem is flaws. it can be reduced or prevented. we gotta accept each other flaws if we want to be together. nobody is perfect. everyone has flaws.
Sweets and i had domino's as our supper. it was after 10pm, we sit at the parking lot sidewalk. 

it sounds as if we are the street people.ahaha. but it was so darn romantic. eating pizza and the moon light shined upon us. 
even though we sit under the light pole to prevent misunderstanding since we are in campus. 
and he bought me apple twister. and lots of sagon. we ate a packet of sagon. we talked a lot. we talked about our mistakes and all. we had a great talk. and i am so happy we are cool now. let the past be the past, and the present be in the state of mind.