Monday, February 14, 2011


what was the best moment happened last week?
to indulge the best chinese food in BANGI
thats Chan Abdullah's restaurant. the food is delicious and affordable. they served dim sum too. we've tried
kuey teow yin yong
hokkien mee or fat mee
penang char kuey teow
those in bangi wanted to taste great kuey teow, try this place!

not celebrating V day because, well i never celebrate V day before
thats because Sweets is my first boyfie.but thats not the point, even i have him now, we are not celebrating it because thats just...i dont know. not US?

i dont need V day to know u truly love me

i dont need roses to tell ur feelings towards me

i dont need chocolates to know how sweet u are

i dont need candlelight dinner to know how romantic u are