Monday, February 7, 2011

Silent Hurt

today will be the first day i ever late for 30minutes to class but i never felt guilty
no guilt at all~~
i have reasons for my stand
1st: i thought the class starts at 845
eventhough Mior already smsed me the real time.hehe
2nd: no guilt appears in me

my thumbs are in pain because i play around with tubes in Pneumatics class on the evening. gah! i hate the tube so much.. the gripper makes my thumb painful. geezzz..

i had lunch with Sweets
i had dinner with Sweets
Lunch + Dinner + Sweets = Triple Combo Time
*super happy*

he's having his hard times now, thinking stuffs that can cause u headache. i feel scared for him too but thats not the current situation right now. what i know now, he has a Final Year Project to be done and i am confident that his project will be one of the best project of the year. hehe
dont hurt urself Sweets, cause indirectly it hurts me too

latest moviediction
leighton meester
minka kelly
both lookalike!