Friday, February 4, 2011

When Im In Love

no chinese new year's eve gathering this year.therefore NO
roasted chicken
mixed vege
sengkuang with salads <--- yummeh!
dessert will be the chinese geng geng. AHA! i have no idea whats in english but Popo called it Geng Geng. its like a sweet soup with ginkgo and longan in it.
i've googled it and found the exact name of this Geng Geng. its Dried Longan Tea! or OR Geng Geng Tea. bwahah! im good~~ 

but today, the very first day of chinese new year, Uncle Sunny with Popo came since they are heading to Penang. we had a blast! i played twister with my cuzzy~~ we shout we laugh we sweat
we had 13 boxes of pizza
its total lunatic. AHAHAH but its cool because its seriously lunatic. LOL. we ate like we havent eat for days. my jaw went bloody tired because of the chewing. total serious shit, its so freaking tired... i lost count on how many slices of pizzas i've chucked in my tummy

Sweets is so darn afraid i might leave him because of his situation right now. maybe not afraid of me leaving, maybe he cares about me. idk. but the whole thing is all about him having a difficult time now since he has family matters yada yada yada. 
and this is all i want to say
i dont care if u dont own a car
i dont care if u cant bring me out
i just want u to be at my side when i need u
and dont cheat on me

my german friend once said to Sweets
u gotta be rich to be with Erika

i might look like a total spender but i know my limit la..hehe.. but dont think im going to leave a person just because he went broke or he lost his car or etc. when im in love, my love is real
its sounds cliche
yes,u heard EQ or Erika Quah saying that jiwang phrase. well, thats me. im not easily to love ppl and im not easily to fall out of love.