Monday, January 31, 2011

1st CNY without Dad

this year, 2011, will be the very first year where our family celebrating Chinese New Year without Dad.
*sad song as background*
however, we are still going to get angpau or angpow or however u spell it. woohoo! mum going to give us. i heard she's increasing the 'rate' for this year. AHA! i wonder how much
acting like i dont know

Mum bought a RM25 jackfruit. it was super huge and its her first time cutting a jackfruit. it was a war. TOTAL WAR between Mum and Jackfruit. LMAO. it was bloody huge, thats why its super hard to cut it. and i cant believe Mum bought it. its super expensive! and that price is not the real price, the real price will be more than that. she bought it from her friend. and the bloody jackfruit is export qualities. how lucky she can buy it. 

sweetness in Parit
loveliness in Ipoh
when two meets, thats when Erika and Aizul will have their best time of their life