Friday, January 28, 2011

The Guess What

sweets and i was supposed to walk together to class since we both have morning classes. guess what happen?
he didnt show up
yeah, u can bet i was a bit disappointed WHO DOESNT so i let it passed till my class end. then i started machine gunning him. guess what the reason?
he was sick and went to the clinic
still he didnt reply my morning messages..rephrased.. messageS with the S because its been a while he didnt reply my morning messages.
omaigoddd..are we going to break up soon???

lets continue my story
after the machine gun scene, he invited me for lunch. i was still sad for what had happened and rejected his invitation.

at night, when we were suppose to go out and spend time together, we didnt. guess what happen?
he said he's sick and not going out today and tomorrow
and thats just it. i thought eventhough he's sick, we can still have nan together. 
so i was fine with him cant go out tomorrow and him being sick.
guess what he thinks?
i dont buy his reason. he thought i dont believe him being sick. how i know it? because he missend a message
guess whats in the message?
ko post kat tweet or fb ckp aku sakit btul
do u post in tweeter or fb saying im truly sick?
ouch. its like saying to ur friend
hey, my boyfriend doesnt believe im sick can u give him a call and tell him im really really really sick?

that pissed me off. its pissing me off now. bullshit!

btw, luckily i called to know if he's alright because i was picturing him lying on his bed feeling all agony. and AND to ask if i can buy my dinner. he's unpredictable sometimes.

he missend another message. guess what next?
dude, laptop aku overheat la. ada kipas kaki?
dude, my laptop is overheated. do u have a stand fan?

like totaly effing what