Thursday, January 27, 2011


how would u bare with a sickening teacher who doesnt support u in everything u do?
so here's what i do
i'll just be cool didnt care less what he just said, because it will just to bring our spirit down or anything to do with crushing people's heart. AHA! sometimes it is super sucks to have a "wrong" lecturer for a high credit hour subject. gah!

i think i started to like my new groupmates, they are very VERY humble. well, most of them. i am glad to be in PIC 2. they are not noisy in class, that is the MOST important thing ever~~~ LOL

this year, i wont be celebrating Chinese New Year..  *sobs* well, im not sure what is the meaning of not celebrating because my sis TWEET about it. AHAH! waaaaaaa...

im hungry. eff it. i only had brunch just now.