Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Rice Day

since im having an severe injury at the roof of my mouth
it still hurts
bloody hell
i had whipped potato for lunch and a tiny bit of KFC chicken. i wanted twister so badly WAAAAAA but my roof of mouth is so fucking painful. total retard.

went to kL sentral with Sweets by komuter to save his petrol money. i changed the date of my train ticks. and today is my first time drinking McD milkshake. AHA! it was delicious! we bought vanilla flavour.

times square after that. Sweets wanted to watch horror movie because there was a gazillion horror movies premiering in the cinema. i strongly declined because i dont do horror movies
EQ dont do horror movies in cinema
why would u pay to get horrified when u can get humour or entertainment from other movies
blurghh weird

the chicken rice shop for dinner. i ordered wantan mee since my mouth is injured. the roof of my mouth, FINE.. i misses Dad's wantan mee. awwwww.... nevertheless, the whole day i didnt consumed rice
ahaha..thats great aint it?

on our way back is a nightmare. it was bloody packed like a sardine in a tin. LOL! i almost convinced sweets to wait 10mins more for another komuter but he insisted on getting in the komuter at that time. so we have to squeeze THANK GOD no one around us have this can-faint-ppl-body-odour.

its the beginning of semester and i got not much to revise on my subjects. gah~~