Monday, January 17, 2011

Mini Pillow

i have my first class for the first Semester 4. it was hydraulic class by Sr. Muhairi. i hope i spell that right. he looks ok, hopefully it will be the same till the end of our classes. 
i have 3 new female friends. well not that new. new mates!
nabihah, fatin and nana
the guys....hmm...i know one person, Mior. then bumped into a known face but not his name. 

went to PKNS for dinner. ordered Bihun Soup and i didnt burned my tongue but BUT i burned my bloody roof of my mouth. its fucking painful! well..its not painful. its bloody rare! and painful,still. Sweets ordered paprik with tom yam soup. that bloody tom yam is freaking spicy. then we went to buy appam balik since there was a night market.
 we eat under the moon shines upon us
and finally i get to sing some englishmalay songs to Sweets. he love Bagaikan Puteri the most. of coz, its Gol & Gincu OST. *wink*
Jika dunia
Aku yang punya
Akan kuhiaskan
Sepasang sayap
Putih dan berseri
Untukku kemudi

Sweets forgot his pillow and last night he slept on his blanket as his pillow. awwwww.. pity my bb. so i lend him my mini pillow. he has two of my stuffs now. AHA! its because i heart him *smiles widely*
mine was brown. googled a brown pillow and found this :D