Sunday, January 16, 2011

Semester 4

walked into the hell hall together with Sweets for our new semester registration. before that i asked him to send me to my hostel because i was wearing flops. 
cant wear flops during registration
i didnt bring my lanyard and theres this lady said i must hang my ID so it can be seen. i was doing my no-lanyard-face and maybe MAYBE she didnt get it, so i was waiting for her to give me a suggestion on how to let my ID be hung without a lanyard
guess what
she didnt suggest a thing
of coz she cant *gahhh*

my lanyard has LIMA beside THALES. that lanyard is totally the same as Sweets!

there were 4 counters for me to go through. went through one by one slowly. at the result counter, i was so freaking scared and excited.
parkisson syndrome happened, as usual
ugly signature
then i went silly by seeing through the paper to see my CGPA. the guy said 'buka la. bukan tak boleh buka'
'open it, u silly'
mine CGPA is the same, my GPA increasing by 0.06
remember i was so frigging afraid my CGPA will decrease on my Sem 3 because 'someone' said most of the students CGPA will decrease during Sem 3. Sweets results arent that good and he asked
will u dump me?
grrrr... im not going to dump u because u have low CGPA. sheessh! im going to dump u if u cheated on me. 

for me, having a good results but not having a good skills will not going to bring u further in this field, engineering or industrial electronics. if we have all the stuffs in the brain but cant apply it, then what's the use of the stuffs.
true or not?
so stop worrying and find a new focus to achieve better on ur current semester.