Saturday, January 15, 2011

He Me Call

Ipsum car broke down in Giant. Allie and Adriene waited for me in the car. when im about kilometers away from the car, i heard something coming out from the car engine. so i went kan-ciong and turn off the engine and started to slam questions to Allie.
theres sound, dont u hear it?
apparently, the car started to make weird sound once i arrived. grrrr.... so i called mum. we waited at the food court, Ali bought a packet of keropok roda LOL i have no idea what it is in English. it was lunch time, we were freaking hungry. after that, Ali bought a yam ice cream, totally delicious, and Adriene bought strawberry flavour. 

we left our car there and thank god my mum's friend help us out. dad was so bloody worried and askd his former driver, Uncle Simon, to take care of the car. he is the most dependable person right now, if theres problems, he'll be our savior.

when the disaster happens, i whined to Sweets. ahaaa.. 
he called. i missed it. 
i called, he missed it. 
he called again, missed it. 
i called then he rejects my call and quickly call me back
then started lah the drama-telling-stories

i'll be going back to my collio tomorrow! YIKES! cant wait to meet Sweets register my Semester 4 and see my results!
i hope i will be happy like them in the picture.