Friday, January 14, 2011

Awful Sight

slept late last night, at 0200++, due to arguments between me and Sweets. but we managed to The End the arguments. it was horrible and awesome awful. what i learnt here is:
be general,never use names
tell him off that he doesnt need to elaborate on certain things, unless u want to him to elaborate
finally, think properly, if ur points to defend yourself really help u or not because i really think it doesnt

went to Tesco with mum and Allie to buy groceries. on our way, there was this girl on bike and she was pushing it to catch up with this guy who is walking. she keeps on pulling the guy's hand to stop him from walking away from her. all of the sudden the guy hit hard on her head. thank god she has her helmet on but still the impact must be effing painful
he's a monster
a guy that hit a lady is a total scumbag and asshole
what more interesting confusing than that is the girl keep on chasing him even after he hit her pretty hard. and again she pulled his hand. and he hit her again. so there was two 'hitting-on' girl i saw.

mum wanted to pull off but thinking the girl has her bike, she can just speed off. so lets not interfere. AHA! but thats the first i ever watch a couple fighting and that was just bizarre. totally not a cute thing to watch. 
we fight
we argue
we shout
despite all
our love keep us together
love that is so strong and only we both know