Tuesday, January 11, 2011


its not 18 days i wont be meeting sweets. it was 12 days ONLY
went to Jusco early with mum and Ali. both of them bought a top in FYI. quite expansive thou.. but i love my mum's. its yellow~ as for ali, i chose her top, it was bloody nice too! the pattern is salmon. LOL. i have no idea but it stated there salmon.

mum bought her groceries. now we have stuff for our lasagna! yay! we are going to do the cream sauce u-know-who-u-are and its going to be more delicious than urs! LOL and then while buying the mozarella cheese, mum received a call.
she talks for hours
we were freaking bloody cold because we were at the cold section or freezer section
my legs went numb
she left us waiting 

sweets was late so he didnt get to see Mum and Ali in jusco. i waited singlely patiently in front of sushi king.ahaaaa.. then poof he came and sit beside me
lunch together
movie together
spend time together
 perfect combo

while we were having our lunch, he did a magic trick to me.hee!
sweets: theres something at ur ears
a phone strap tangling from his hand
erika in BLINK BLINK
i went a bit dumb for being over impressive
well. yes. i am impress
its cool and sweet and kinda romantic for me

we went back after movie because he's not driving, the car with his parents. and coincidently, while waiting for Mum, his parents car was behind Mum's car

LYL: love u lots

3 Eyelashes

drove to my usual Mamak restaurant to buy mutton curry and fried chicken. our family love Mamak a lot.
had ice cream with adriene without sweets :(
soto for dinner. totally yummy!
then we had our girls talk.ohhhh i super duper love this. where mum and daughters sit together and talk talk talk
thats the best
mumy the queen with her 4 princesses

my phone rings
me: where are u?
sweets: im not going to tell u

so i kinda like threaten Sweets to tell me whats his position and he did fell for it and tell me he is in Sri Iskandar. im not good in Malaysia, i repeat, Malaysia Geography. LOL. so i went blur and he asked me if i know where is that place. and i give a negative answer. and then he replied very near to ipoh
which i am staying right now
im like.. total effing wat
i was so bloody happy, maybe the happiest girl at that moment but didnt really voice out my excitement to him. but i do a bit. aha! 

he was planning to stand in front of my house and call me out. awwwww! thats romantic.
he is romantic sometimes
but like i said i threaten him and his dad got to use the car the next morning. so plan failed but wattafish. he's planning, thats enough to make me happy. 

when he called i said there are 3 eyelashes of mine on my lap. maybe it was caused by my vigorous rubbing of my eyes because my eyelashes keeps on falling off! he was expecting i have to many admirers who misses me thats why there were 3 eyelashes falling off.
an old folks said if eyelashes are falling down, it means theres someone is missing u
seriously, i was thinking the 3 comes from him but no one else. who else would i want to think will misses me at a time like this :))) thats what i believe.